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A school-wide approach to creating a safe, supportive and disciplined school

The department wants all state schools in Queensland to be safe, supportive and disciplined environments, where students can learn and achieve.

A positive school-wide approach is used to create a school where all students are included and feel safe and supported. Every member of the school community (school staff, parents, students) has a role to play in creating a safe, supportive and disciplined school.

There are a number of resources to support schools in developing a positive school-wide approach.

The Behaviour Foundations professional development package (DET employees only) provides schools with the necessary information to ensure effective implementation of the Statement of Expectations for a Disciplined School Environment.

Designed to be facilitated by regional or school-based trainers, the Behaviour Foundations package comprises five modules for school leaders and staff:

  1. Implementing the Statement of Expectations for a Disciplined School Environment
  2. Foundations for effective data collection
  3. Data informed decision-making for student support
  4. Evidence-based classroom management
  5. Support for at-risk students.

Disciplinary strategies

Principals are encouraged to use a graduated response when dealing with inappropriate student behaviour. Any disciplinary action should be fair and consistent and reflect the seriousness of the behaviour and the student's individual circumstances.

There are a range of strategies that can be used in their schools as part of a planned approach to supporting students to meet the behaviour expectations. Some of the new disciplinary options available to schools include non-school day detentions, community service interventions and discipline improvement plans.

Suspensions, exclusions and cancellations of enrolment are used as a last resort, for serious behaviour issues. Students and parents are able to talk with the school about the discipline options, or make an appeal about some types of disciplinary consequences.

The procedures for disciplinary consequences are outlined in the Safe, supportive and disciplined school environment procedure.


Being cybersafe and a good cybercitizen is about learning how to behave online. While there are tools and software that assist with safety and security, cybersafety in schools depends on everyone behaving appropriately when they are online.

More information on cybersafety


The department wants students to enjoy school and feel that they can learn in a safe and supportive environment. Bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence are actions and behaviours that are not acceptable in state schools.

Schools have a Responsible behaviour plan for students that describes how they create positive environments and deal with bullying behaviours.

More information on bullying

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