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General Education: reconsidering the idea for the 21st (and even the 22nd) century

In this presentation, Professor Barnett offered the beginnings of a solution to the challenge of general education for the 21st century with a set of educational ideas, in which distinguished 'dispositions' and 'qualities': both are crucial and deserve separate consideration. The session concluded with some speculations as to an 'ecological curriculum', the essence of which lies in interconnectedness. Professor Barnett argued this could be a new way of construing general education.

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Improving student outcomes: coaching teachers in the power of feedback. Dr Cameron Brooks (UQ).

This presentation outlined findings on feedback from research undertaken by investigators from the Science of Learning Research Centre. The aim of this project is to investigate how student outcomes can be augmented through coaching teachers in effective feedback practice. It also aims to address stagnating levels of student achievement in Australian schools.

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Turning things around: Lessons from the E4kids Study for improving outcomes for all children. Dr Dan Cloney (ACER) and Dr Tim Gilley (Victorian Department of Education and Training).

This seminar presented and unpacked the key findings from the E4Kids study and discussed implications for the next stage of reforms.

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Research in Queensland State Education sites. Dr Michelle Nesic, Dr Angela Ferguson and Research Services colleagues (DET).

In this presentation, officers from Research Services and Performance, Monitoring and Reporting provided an overview of the research application process, a new Queensland Education Research Inventory (QERI), the second round of the Education Horizon scheme, and access to departmental data.

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Capturing students' engagement and learning during cooperative, inquiry science, Prof Robyn Gillies (UQ)

Does the level of effective teaching make a difference to students' learning? In this forum, Professor Robyn Gillies addressed this question in her presentation on capturing students' engagement and learning during cooperative, inquiry science.

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Queensland: A State of Learning, Dr Liam Smith (School Improvement Unit - DET)

Liam outlined the operation and the evolution of the School Improvement Unit (SIU), and its school review process, since its inception. He discussed its approach, philosophy and major achievements including the research findings from the SIU's 2015 annual report Queensland: A State of Learning which is based on the 369 school reviews undertaken in its first full year of operation.

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Research Partnerships making a Difference: A showcase of DET funded research partnerships

This symposium showcased the breadth of quality research that the Department is partnered on, including Education Horizon grants and ARC linkage projects.

A variety of speakers featured from Australian Catholic University, Griffith University, University of Southern Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Queensland, and The University of Melbourne, with a welcome address by the Director-General, Dr Jim Watterston.

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'What is a Strategic School Leader?' - Translating research into practice. Prof Tony Townsend (Monash University), Carolyn Page (Clear English Company), Susan Cahill (Moorooduc Primary School).

This three part research forum explores the complexities, theories and practices underpinning effective school leadership.

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Uncovering the formula for maths success - student-level and school-level performance. Prof Tom Lowrie (University of Canberra) and Prof Merrilyn Goos (UQ).

This two part research forum explored the activities as well as characteristics of school and education programs that enhance mathematics performance.

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The National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools Program (NETDS): Overview, Impact and Ongoing Complexities. A/Prof Bruce Burnett and A/Prof Jo Lampert (QUT).

This seminar explained the program and its impact on initial teacher education programs in Australia and internationally.

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'How long does it take to achieve academically in a second language?' Investigating variables that impact academic outcomes for EAL learners in Queensland schools. Dr Margaret Kettle (QUT), Dr Sue Creagh (UQ) and Dr Jennifer Alford (QUT).

The panel shared the timeframes for how long it takes English as a Second Language learners in Queensland schools to achieve academic parity with first language peers. They also discussed qualitative accounts from students, teachers and administrators about the personal and school-based variables that contribute to academic success.

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Teachers' Learning in Action: Research, Policy and Practice, Dr Ian Hardy (UQ), Ms Trish McEvery (Kirwan State School), Ms Grace Hodges (Kirwan State School) and Ms Deb Fisher (DET).

The presenters drew upon a broad body of literature on the nature of teachers' learning practices (research), insights into the current policy context of increased attention to evidence and data (policy), and a specific example of teachers' experience in one school site (practice).

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The Age Appropriate Pedagogies Program - Research informed and research led practice in the early years of school, Dr Mary Lincoln (DET), A/Prof Bev Fluckiger (Griffith University), Kerri Jones (DET).

In this forum the presenters identified the characteristics of effective age-appropriate pedagogies drawn from an analysis of contemporary literature. The presenters also outlined the scope of the continuing and expanded research program with a focus on the impact and implications for leaders and leading, teachers and teaching, and learners and learning.

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'You are not thinking, you are just being logical': creative thinking, executive functions and NAPLAN results, Professor Martin Westwell, Flinders University.

Prof Westwell discussed some of the changes in thinking (and NAPLAN results) that have occurred when teachers have thoughtfully and intentionally put the cognitive science principles behind low-floor, high-ceiling activities into practice.

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When is a partnership truly a partnership? Tips for a successful ARC linkage collaboration from Australian Education Jurisdictions, Dr Angela Ferguson (DET), Professor Annemaree Carroll (UQ), Dr Rob Stevens (NSW DoE), Ms Shani Prendergast (Catholic Education, Melbourne), and Dr Zoran Endekov (Vic DET).

This presentation provided an overview of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage scheme, highlighting the key benefits of partnerships and the success criteria for research collaboration between academia and education jurisdictions from a predominately jurisdictional and school perspective.

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The Ethical Use of Data In Schools, Associate Professor Greg Thompson, Nerida Spina and Dr Judy Smeed, QUT.

The presenters described how the ethical use of data requires education policy makers and practitioners to question assumptions about the neutrality of data in order to ensure that data is being collected and used for its intended purposes.

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Engaging in Education, Associate Professor Kathy Mills QUT; Associate Professor Linda Graham and Doctor Sue Walker, QUT

A/Prof Kathy Mills shared her findings from her research on Engaging Students through Indigenous Ways to Multimodal Literacy.
A/Prof Linda Graham and Professor Sue Walker discuss Emerging gender differences in the early years of school.

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Please email if you would like to register for these or future events.

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