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Curriculum Activity Risk Management Guidelines

Risk assessment enables schools to identify potential hazards, assess risks, and implement control measures to keep everyone safe.

Curriculum activities may have a risk level of:


when there is little chance of incident or injury


when there is some chance of an incident or injury requiring first aid


when there is a likely chance of a serious incident or injury requiring medical treatment


when there is a high chance of a serious incident resulting in a highly debilitating injury

Appropriate risk management reduces the risk level of activities.

Most curriculum activities are low or medium risk. Risk planning for these activities can be incorporated into teachers' planning documents. High or extreme risk activities require formal risk assessment documentation, appropriate approvals and permissions prior to students participating in the activity. For more information on risk assessment processes, please refer to the department's Managing Risks in School Curriculum Activities External Link procedure and/or Risk Assessment information sheet Microsoft® Word document250K and/or CARA Powerpoint Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations1.1M.

Staff of Queensland state schools can prepare Curriculum Activity Risk Assessments (CARAs) using either the OneSchool system, or the CARA generic template Microsoft® Word document in combination with the relevant CARA activity guideline. Alternatively, schools can use another approach approved by the school's principal that meets the requirements of the Managing Risks in School Curriculum Activities External Link procedure.

To assist Queensland state schools in conducting and preparing risk assessments, CARA activity guidelines are available for 130 activities that may be part of a school's curriculum. These guidelines have been developed in conjunction with experienced teachers and relevant organisations (e.g. teachers' associations, sporting clubs) to reduce the risks of an activity.

Schools must maintain a School Curriculum Activity Register Adobe PDF document743K for all high and extreme risk activities. The OneSchool CARA application enables completed risk assessments to be automatically captured into a register in OneSchool.

Sample parental permission templates are available to assist schools in their planning for high and extreme risk activities. See attached Parental Permission Template Microsoft® Word document External Link and Mature Age Student Permission Template Microsoft® Word document.

Useful links:

Procedure - Managing risks in school curriculum activities External Link

Information sheet - Managing risks in curriculum activities Microsoft® Word document250K

Flowchart - Managing risks in school curriculum activities Microsoft® Word document233K

CARA activity guidelines

Powerpoint - Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment (CARA) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations1.1M

Risk assessment generic template Microsoft® Word document320K

Risk planner template Microsoft® Word document292K

School curriculum activity register Adobe PDF document743K - for high and extreme risk activities

Permission form - Mature age student permission Microsoft® Word document

Permission form - Parental permission Microsoft® Word document External Link

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