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Student Comments

The following statements have been made by students who took part in the local government project in the Redland Shire - the students were all members of the Children's Voice Council.

School A

  1. I think that we have been very successful as we have learnt many things about the council by working as a group.
  2. As young people ourselves, I think we were successful educating and encouraging other young people.
  3. We have done many active things in the working of the local government.
  4. Having a CVC is a very successful opportunity for us to make a contribution to the political process.
  1. I think we have been very successful because we have learnt lots about the government and have had a chance to help it as well.
  2. We have learnt a lot about the democratic process, and our local area. We have been also encouraged to learn more of what we have been doing.
  3. We have done many acts, and have been involved in many activities with our local government.

School B

  1. I believe we have done a good job developing tomorrow's leaders today, because we have learned many skills and how to speak up in the community.
  2. We have been educated and encouraged, but not many kids understand or know about the council.
  3. Yes, I believe we have been involved in the workings of local government. By going to Junior council and CVC we have learned how government works.
  4. We have learned by discussing various matters in CVC meetings.

What being a CVC member means to me:
Being a CVC member means a great deal to me because we are the first group in Australia to form a children's council for primary school students.

The CVC aims to develop tomorrow's leaders today and provide primary school students the opportunity to have a real voice in their local community.

The CVC is a discovering democracy program, which aims to educate and encourage young children, like myself, to learn more about the democratic history of Australia. It also enables us to be more actively involved in the process of local government and to provide an opportunity for me to learn how to make a contribution to the political process.

During my time on the CVC I have developed my speaking skills, enjoyed making many new friends from the CVC, learnt more about leadership skills and more about local government.

One day I hope the Children's Voice Council will make a big difference to the community and I would encourage other communities to start a Children's Voice Council.

  1. I think we have been successful in fulfilling this goal because we have boosted people's confidence.
  2. I think this has been worthwhile because children need to be educated on this subject.
  3. By going to Junior council we have learned how the government works.
  4. By discussing different matters we have learnt how the process works.

Participation in the Children's Voice Council:
Being a member of the Children's Voice Council has been a great opportunity for me and all the other children involved in this program because children need to be educated on how organisations function and make decisions.

In the time I've been involved in the CVC I have learnt about the democratic process, how the local government is run, how to be a better leader and a whole range of other topics.

I also learnt that the local council takes care of waste disposal and recycling maintenance in parks, land revegetation, recycling sewerage and building bikeways.

I am very grateful that I have been able to be involved in the Children's Voice Council.

School C

  1. I think we have been successful as everyone who went to the workshop now has good public speaking skills and can speak in front of audiences. Eg. Junior council.
  2. I don't think that we have fulfilled this as not many kids know it.
  3. By going to the Junior council we have learnt how the government acts.
  4. We have been successful in providing an opportunity for us to contribute to political processes.

Being a CVC Member:
Being a CVC member means to me that I am recognised as a leader at my school. It also means that I am encouraged to communicate with others at school about issues within the local area eg. Graffiti, litter.

Through the CVC, I am learning about our local area (eg. The local area tour we were taken on) and learning about being a leader within the area, for example, public speaking - learning about it and practising it.

The CVC helps me to think about the needs of youth in our are, and how to address these needs or cater for them. Also, observing the Junior council in action gives me something to aim to be a part of in the future. The CVC to me is all about youth leadership within the Redlands.

  1. It's been successful because we've learnt to speak better so we're better leaders now.
  2. I think that not many kids know about CVC so they're not encouraged to learn about democracy.
  3. By going to Junior council we learn about government.
  4. We have learnt by discussing various matters with CVC.

What being a CVC member means to me:
Being in the CVC means having a voice in the Redland Shire. Being a voice for younger citizens in our community is a great privilege. I enjoy telling the council issued that concern children like me. Some of these issues are carried through which means the CVC is helping our community.

Being in the CVC is something not many people will have a chance to do. That means being in the CVC is very special as it is the one and only Children's Voice Council. That makes you feel privileged to be involved with something only for a very selected group.

Being in the CVC teaches us leadership qualities which we can use later in life. It's also good experience for anyone who wants to become involved in politics. The CVC is a very special group of children who are the voice for the local children and I'm very privileged to be part of it.

School D

  1. We have been very successful. I think that everybody now has a greater idea of how local government works.
  2. The goals achieved by visiting places on the last day of the workshop and discussing our ideas together.
  3. We have achieved this by contributing our ideas to the people who attended the Junior council meetings.
  4. I believe that we have achieved providing an opportunity. It was the many things that we learnt at the workshop.

Being a CVC Member:
Being a CVC member means to me that I show good leadership skills. It shows me that I can be trusted and it gives me something to do in my spare time. I enjoy being a member and I have met many people through the council.

I had to write a speech a couple of weeks ago. I based it on our excursion to the sewerage plant and worm farm. I enjoyed the trips to those places so much. I was very happy when I found out I had been selected to represent the school on the council. My teachers and classmates are always willing to help me with the tasks we are set.

When I get to High school, I hope I get selected on the Junior council. It is really good to be able to express my views and have the feeling that something might happen about it. I now know why so many people try to get into government. It is really enjoyable.

  1. We have certainly developed tomorrow's leaders today in the ways that everyone knows how our local government works and have seen a meeting in progress.
  2. Yes, we know more about our local government and how it works.
  3. We have all been actively involved with our local government in the ways that we have been to a number of meetings with Junior council.
  4. We achieved this goal on the last day of our workshop when we discussed the workshop.

CHILDREN'S: Being chosen to represent my school and peers was a very proud moment for me. It is very important for primary school students to understand the workings of local government.

VOICE: It is very pleasing to be able to present my point of view and those of my fellow students regarding issues and problems from the local area to the council. It has taught me how to express myself and how to listen to the views of others.

COUNCIL: It is teaching me the importance of group decision making and how to work and co-operate with other children from different school. This allows us as a group to accept a wider range of ideas to help solve the problems in our area.

School E

  1. We have made tomorrow's leaders today. We have learnt that wee can have a say.
  2. We have learnt the process of the council and children will be more encouraged to participate.
  3. They have taught us that we can have a say.
  4. Yes they have provided an opportunity to make a contribution to the political process.

School F

  1. The leaders of today have been very successful because we have all worked together as a team.
  2. I think that we have encouraged others to learn more about our local area.
  3. The workings of local government has enabled children to be involved.
  4. We have learnt by discussing various matters with CVC.
  1. We have partly learned how to lead and to work as a team by making plays or videos on decision making.
  2. We didn't encourage. How did we encourage? We never did anything to help people.
  3. Did we do anything to help the local council? Made a play. Who or what does that help? All we did was complain not solve.
  4. How to. What's the point? We didn't make any contributions or learn how.

School G

  1. I think we have been very successful because we know how to argue and complain and learn about how things work.
  2. I think we have been successful because now we know what goes on behind the scenes at the council.
  3. It was successful because we learned what it would be like to be in control of what happens on issued in the area.
  4. It was successful because we know that some of these issues could not have been done without us.
  1. I think we've been successful because it has made us have more courage to say our problems and stuff.
  2. It has definitely made me more interested in the local government.
  3. I think it worked, because it has definitely involved us in the local government.
  4. I think it's great that we have an opportunity like this.

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