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The Young Citizens Program

The Young Citizens Program was developed in 1998 by Redland Shire Council to teach young people about their community and the role of local government.

The program's primary objective is to provide classroom talks, field trips and information on other Council services in a way that complements the school curriculum.

A booklet is provided to outline some of the educational services Council offers and suggests links between the services and the curriculum core learning outcomes. The booklet also provides suggestions for teachers when preparing students for visits or talks. Key literacy terms, numeracy concepts and sample worksheets have been included for teachers to preview.

By taking part in the Young Citizens Program, students see their local government in action in a way that empowers them to 'have a say' in their own community. They also have opportunities to work towards learning outcomes described in the school curriculum. The talks, field trips and other services link to some of the key learning outcomes in Studies of Society and environment (SOSE), Science, Arts and Health syllabuses. Teachers might also include Maths, English and Technology activities when developing units of work linked to these Council services.

Every activity in the program is tailored for schools, written with the assistance of a consultant key educator; to ensure cross-curriculum learning experiences are achieved to complement the new school syllabuses. For example, a visit to Council's recycling facility will incorporate elements of studies in Health, Science and SOSE.

An introductory address on Local Government by Council's Community Education Officer is supported by over 32 guest speakers and school excursions for students from year 4 through to year 12.

In the short-term, YCP aims to educate young people about the role of local government in the community and how Council affects them and their families, right now. The long-term goal is to create an electorate that is informed and involved in local decision-making.

To gain more information about the YCP refer to the following:

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