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Help: Search (Enquiry) Screen

How to Search for Information
Searching for Schools by Name
Searching for Schools by Education District
Searching for Schools by Business Centre
Searching for Schools by School Type
Searching for Schools by Number of Students Enrolled
Searching for Schools by Band Number
Updating Information

This Directory, is based on Education Queensland's Centre Information System (CIS) database and allows you to search for information about State Schools and associated educational units, administrative units, and support units within the state of Queensland. It covers:

State Schools - which include State School, State High School, State Special School, Centre for Continuing Secondary Education, School of Distance Education, Middle School, Infants School, and Junior School;

Associated Educational Units - which include State Preschool Centre, Special Education Unit, Special Education Development Centre or Unit and Secondary Campus;

Administrative Units - which include the department's central office;

Support Units - which include District Office, Facilities Service Centre, Support Centre and Environmental Education Centre.

This directory also includes Non-State Schools information.

The term 'school', as used in this Directory, refers to any of the types of school or educational/administrative centre or unit outlined above.

The Directory includes information about schools that are fully operational, as well as some limited information about schools that have been approved to open but are not yet fully operational. Note that schools that have closed, however, are not included.

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How to Search for Information

There are six fields on the search screen. The Tab key allows you to move between them:

You may search for information in several ways. If you do not enter any search criteria in any of the fields, a list of all of the schools in Queensland will be displayed. To narrow the scope of the search (or shortlist) you may enter just one criterion (e.g. School Type to give you all schools of one type), or a combination of criteria (e.g. School Type and Education District to give you all of the schools of one type within a particular district).

Searches are not case sensitive, so it does not matter whether you use upper or lower case, or any combination (e.g. Brisbane, brisbane, BRISBANE, brisBane, etc.)

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Here are some details about how searching works, including the use of the wildcard character %, and the search function #:

1. To Search for Schools by Name (the wildcard character % may be used in this field)

2. To Search for Schools based on Education District Location

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3. To Search for Schools based on Business Centre

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4. To Search for Schools based on School Type

All State Schools -- this includes all state primary, secondary and special schools;

Primary Schools -- since this works on primary level enrolments, a search will reveal State Schools, Schools of Distance Education, Community Schools, State Infants Schools, Junior State Schools, and Middle State Schools;

Secondary Schools -- again, this works on secondary level enrolments, so a search will reveal State Primary Schools that have a secondary department, State High Schools, Secondary Campuses, Centres for Continuing Secondary Education, Special Schools (if they have students listed as undertaking secondary studies), and Education Units;

Special Schools -- this lists only designated special schools. Various other centres designed to provide support for students with special needs may be attached to either State Schools (primary) and/or State High Schools as Associated Centres and Associated Services;

Non-State Schools -- this includes other Queensland schools that are not administered by the government, including those affiliated with the Queensland Catholic Education Association, the Christian Schools Association or the Association of Independent Schools. Boarding schools fit within this category;

District Offices -- the thirty-six education district offices of the Queensland Education Department are listed here;

Other Centres -- this combo box enables the user to select a less common, or more specific type of centre. For example, one can search here for Environmental Education Centres or Special Education Units. Here you may enter only one of the names which you can select from the drop down list, e.g. State School, State High School, etc. No other entry is valid, and you cannot type any text in this field. Once you click on Search you will receive a list of all schools of that type, subject to any other shortlisting criteria that you may have included in other search fields. If you wish to deselect on school type choose the blank option from the drop down list.

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5. To Search for Schools based on the Total Number of Students Enrolled (Full-time)

The Total Enrolment field allows you to search for a range of total enrolments, on a from - to basis. There are two fields separated by the word to, the first being the from field, and the second the to field.

6. To Search for Schools based on Band Number

The Band field allows you to search for schools in a range of bands, on a from - to basis. There are two fields separated by the word to, the first being the from field, and the second the to field.

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Activates search


Clears the displayed search criteria

Updating Information

If you believe that any of this general administrative information is incorrect please email Performance Monitoring and Reporting Branch with your concerns.

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