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Definitions for Information Displayed
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This screen is in two parts - it provides:

  • a range of strategic information about the school which you selected on the List of Selected Schools screen
  • a list of hypertext links to detailed information available about the school. To display additional data click on any of the links. After you have viewed one of these options it will become highlighted in a different colour so that you can keep a visual check on what you have accessed.

Note that if you select a school which is approved to open but not yet fully operational, the following message will appear at the top of the screen: This school has been approved but is not opened. There is only limited information available for such schools.

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Definitions for Information Displayed

School Name
The official name of the school. The school code, a unique identifying number for the school used in Education Queensland, is displayed in brackets after the school name.
Government Schools are allocated a band based on a review conducted by Education Queensland's Human Resources Branch, as required by the relevant industrial award. Valid values of band are '04' to '11'.
Education District
Education district within which the selected school is located.
School Type 
School Type Name (description)
Officer in Charge 
The title and name of the officer in charge of the school (e.g. The Principal, Mr Bob Smith) 
School Based Management 
Indicates if the selected school is a school based management school (for government schools only) 
Actual Address 
The physical location of the school 
Postal Address 
The address to which the school's correspondence is forwarded 
Telephone / Facsimile
Contact numbers for the school’s administration
Year Levels 
The grades or year levels catered for by the school 
Students Catered For 
The broad grouping of students into the categories of preschool, infants, primary, secondary, junior, and senior 
State Electorate 
The state electoral district as determined by the State Electoral Commission, together with the name of the sitting member 
Total Enrolment 
The number of full-time students enrolled at the selected school, sourced from Education Queensland’s latest available enrolment collection 
Internet Site
The address (URL) of the school's internet site, displayed as a hypertext link (click on this to jump to the school's internet site)
Email Address 
The school's email address, displayed as a hypertext link (click on this to display an email screen)
Sport Region
The sport region within which the selected school is located, for the purpose of Intra-Regional School Sport.
Sport Sector
The sport sector (primary, secondary, special) in which the selected school participates.

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Additional Information

For State Schools, the following information is available:

  • Maps
  • Additional details (school programs, Transfer Rating etc)
  • Enrolments data - Primary, Secondary, School Subject, Main Language other than English (spoken at home), and Language other than English (taught at Primary School)
  • Associated Centres/Services
  • Staff Summary

For Non State Schools, the following information is displayed:

  • Additional details (Governing Body, Affiliations, Legal Status etc)
  • Enrolment data - Primary and Secondary

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Updating Information

If you believe that any of this general administrative information is incorrect please email the Portfolio Performance Measurement Branch with your concerns.

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