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Suitability ranking

Applicants who have participated in a ranking interview will be assigned a suitability ranking. The suitability ranking is an administrative tool used by the department to identify an applicant's suitability for employment as a teacher in Queensland state schools.

The suitability ranking is used to differentiate within the pool of applicants who meet the teaching capabilities and location requirements of each vacancy. It does not on its own determine whether an applicant is offered employment.

Your suitability ranking

Current applicants can access their suitability ranking Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet confidentially by using their unique identification number, provided on the application acknowledgment letter by the Teacher Applicant Centre (TAC).

Any enquiries regarding the suitability ranking process should be directed to the Human Resources team in the regional office responsible for your interview process.

A suitability ranking can only be changed by reassessment, which includes resubmitting a professional folio and attending another interview. Please contact the Teacher Applicant Centre if you wish to request a reassessment.

Written advice of the rank is not provided to applicants, except in the case of unsuitable applicants.

Suitability ranking lifespan

The suitability ranking will remain valid for 2 years. If during that time the applicant is permanently employed or does not undertake the minimum period of temporary or casual employment, the ranking becomes void.

The minimum period of employment required to retain the ranking for another 2 years is 20 continuous days in temporary (contract) employment, or an aggregated 40 days of temporary and/or casual employment in a Queensland state school.

Suitability ranking notifications will be updated on a regular basis, depending on the timing of the interview and assessment process. Assessment ranking outcomes for general applicants are available on the website approximately six weeks after assessment. End of year graduate assessment outcomes are available from the end of February the year following graduation and Mid-Year graduate assessment outcomes are available from approximately September in the year of graduation.

Assessment rankings will stay active on this page for a period of one month. If an applicant does not view their rank during this period, they will not be provided with the outcome either verbally or in writing and should assume they are suitable for employment with the department.

Unsuitable applicants

Applicants who are deemed to be Unsuitable will be advised by the department in writing soon after the assessment process, to ensure that they are aware of the implications for their employment as a teacher in a Queensland state school.

This does not impact on eligibility for teacher registration with the Queensland College of Teachers, or eligibility for employment in non-state schools in Queensland.

Suitability ranking descriptors

The suitability ranking descriptors can be found in the Guide to Teaching in Queensland State Schools Adobe PDF document. The suitability rankings used by the department are as follows:

Applicant ranking

Suitability for Employment

Outstanding (OA)

Eligible for permanent, temporary or casual employment

High Performing (HA)

High Sound (HS)

Low Sound (LS)

Unsuitable (US)

Not eligible for permanent, temporary or casual employment as a teacher in a Queensland state school.


General applicants are automatically assigned a T4 ranking. This ranking enables the department to offer general applicants unlimited casual employment and temporary employment to a maximum cumulative total of one semester duration. General applicants seeking permanent employment or further temperate employment after this period are required to participate in an assessment process.

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This page was last reviewed on 10 Dec 2013

Refer to the Guide to Teaching in Queensland State Schools Adobe PDF document for detailed information regarding the suitability ranking descriptors.

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