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Dan Moody

Primary teacher

Dan teaches year 3 and 4 students at East Brisbane State School and is the school's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) coordinator.

Through the support of teaching networks, Dan has had the opportunity to continue his professional development and focus on specific areas of education that particularly interest him.

We asked our teachers to reflect on their teaching career and complete the following statements.

I chose a teaching career because...
Having been comfortable in my previous career, I chose to study teaching despite some concerns about the commitment of four years of study and enrolling as a mature aged student. I made the choice because I am passionate about education and although there have been challenges along the way; I have not regretted that decision for a moment.

The most rewarding aspect of being a teacher is...
I'm excited in the morning at the prospect of what I can share and teach my class that day. My prize moments are those times when a student grasps a concept they have been struggling with. It only takes a smile signifying understanding and I know I've had something to do with that.

I believe that I have made a difference to my students by...
It is amazing when a student takes the initiative to approach me at lunch time and ask me a question about the lesson I have just taught. It is not only through improved assessment results that a difference is made. To see a student's thirst for learning develop will make a difference to their entire life.

As a state school teacher I have had the opportunity to...
Connect to an enormous resource of knowledge both in the supporting digital resources available to Queensland teachers and the professional network of state school teachers themselves.

The three personal qualities that I think are important for teachers are...
A teacher needs to be organised, it gets busy. There is a simple joy that comes from implementing a classroom lesson, however before and after school there is planning to be done, reports to complete and maybe a school dance to chaperone.

Best laid plans can be interrupted at short notice and a teacher needs to be able to respond quickly and confidently to meet any challenge that may come their way.

A love of learning is something that can spread through a classroom like wildfire. When the students can see you are interested in what you're teaching, it doesn't take long for them to develop the same fascination.

A memorable moment from my teaching career was when...
A parent knocked on the classroom door after school one day. With a tear in the eye and an extended hand the parent passed on their thanks for the progress their child had made. You feel pretty good when a working day ends like that.

My career aspirations are...
To provide opportunities for students to develop a passion for learning and to provide the resources they need to feed that desire; in short I want to keep teaching right now. Who knows what the future holds? Classroom teaching is just one of the many career paths available within the education industry.

I would encourage people to consider a teaching career if...
They genuinely enjoy working with children and take pleasure in the challenge of an exciting and ever evolving career. Teaching is a career that bestows enormous reward, where no two days are ever the same.

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