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Affiliate subscription form for Queensland non-state schools and university education faculties

To become a Learning Place Affiliate Subscriber, you must represent a legal entity who can enter into contractual arrangements on behalf of either a:

  • Queensland university with an education faculty, offering a pre-service program
  • Queensland primary or secondary school, accredited by the Non-State School Accreditation Board.

Note: all fields marked with * must be completed.

Institution type *
Queensland university
The Learning Place Affiliate Agreement is executed by the subscriber who enrols all education faculty who support the Pre-service Program, and those pre-service education students, who self-nominate interest in affiliation.

Queensland primary or secondary school
The Learning Place Affiliate Agreement is executed by the head of school who must enrol a minimum of one classroom, including the teacher and all students. Affiliation of any teaching staff must include their students.
Note: Queensland institutions only
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PRIVACY: The Department is collecting personal information on this form in accordance with Human Resource systems and business processes. The form will be securely stored within the relevant Central Office, Regional Office or District Office. The information may be disclosed to third parties without your consent. Third parties include Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, Industrial organisations or other entities in accordance with or where requested by law or industrial instrument.

Last updated:
27 September 2016