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Learning Place contributors

  • Are you a non-commercial educational organisation or cultural institution?
  • Would you like to share your high quality resources and/or facilitate educational programs for Queensland state schools?

The Learning Place is Education Queensland's secure eLearning environment providing Queensland state schools and Learning Place Affiliate members access to quality educational resources and programs.

The Learning Place values high quality educational resources and programs from external contributors. Resource contributions may include website reviews, eBooks, video, animations, audio, images, face sheets, curriculum activities and learning objects.

Contributors may also provide educational programs to staff and students via web conference.

Some of our wonderful Learning Place contributors
  • Queensland Ballet
  • Queensland Art Gallery
  • Queensland Museum
  • Queensland State Archives
  • Global Learning Centre
  • The Big Issue
  • Kids Helpline
  • State Library of Queensland
  • Flying Arts
  • Family Planning Queensland
  • Australian Olympic Committee

How do I know my resources are suitable?

The resource needs to:

  • be owned by your organisation with no 3rd party or copyright restrictions and is non-commercial
  • have a strong educational purpose and relevance to the Australian curriculum
  • meet the web standards below to ensure access in low bandwidth areas.
Video Sound and audio

Video formats:

  • Less than 15MB in size
  • MP4 file format
  • Encoded in H.264
  • 4:3, 16:9 or 10:10 Aspect ratio
  • 16-24 FPS (Frames Per Second)

Audio soundtrack formats:

  • Encoded in AAC (Advanced Audio Coding
  • 44100 Sample Rate
  • 128 Bitrate (KB/s)
  • Packaged in MP3 file format 44.1 KHz

If your resources meet these criteria please complete the Learning Place resource contribution form and email the form to

How do I know my educational programs are suitable?

The program is:

  • delivered by an expert in the field and is non-commercial
  • relevant to the Australian curriculum or has a strong educational purpose
  • facilitated by staff willing to undertake web conferencing training (see Contributor training)
  • facilitated by staff with a current blue card if the program is for students.

If your educational programs meet the criteria above please complete the Learning Place program contribution form and email

Contributor training

We highly value experts in the field who can share their experience and knowledge. To ensure your program runs smoothly, we provide training for your facilitators in our web conferencing system. We will also help moderate your web conferencing sessions and provide participant support.

Facilitator training will be provided each school term for external clients via web conferencing. Training includes:

  • support to plan an interactive learning program
  • facilitation strategies, tips and tricks.

Additional programs may be provided including an advanced class in delivering learning via web conference where the focus is on pedagogy and strategies for delivering online programs.

Last updated:
5 August 2016