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Online safety support

Common questions and concerns

  • I am concerned my child has seen or displayed inappropriate online behaviours


    Online awareness: Information for parents and caregivers (PDF, 4MB)

    This guide provides important information for parents about cybersafety and cyberbullying. It suggests what parents and caregivers could do if their child is the target or is responsible for inappropriate online behaviour.

  • I have just found photos of myself or my child in search engine results – what can I do?


    Enhance your digital identity (PDF, 3.10 MB)

    This overview provides a useful checklist to help review and clean up your digital footprint – the trails or traces of data left by everything you share online. This advice is easy to follow and can be used by teenagers, teachers, parents and caregivers.

  • Where can I find resources about cybersafety, cyberbullying and online safety I can discuss with my child?


    The Department of Education has programs to help primary and secondary students understand what they should and should not do online. You can read more about cybersafety in Queensland state schools and download eye-catching posters at

  • Is there a presentation about cybersafety that my child’s school could deliver?


    The Cybersafety and Reputation Management team offer face to face cybersafety presentations to Queensland State Schools as part of the Department's commitment to cybersafety education.

    They can tailor the presentation content delivered to address a particular online concern if your school is experiencing a specific issue. Please email or call (07) 3034 5035 to discuss presentation requirements for larger group sizes and information for regional schools.

    If you would like a session for yourself or your child, please contact your school and ask them to book the Cybersafety and Reputation Management team.

    There are also various external websites discussing cybersafety and cyberbullying. You may want to explore:

    • iParent - learn about what children do online and how you can encourage them to be positive digital citizens at different ages.
    • eSafety Office YouTube Channel - the Office of the eSafety Commissioner has created various short videos that cover a range of cybersafety topics and are tailored to use with students of various ages.
    • Stay Smart Online - read about how to protect personal and financial information.
    • ThinkUKnow - contains information about technologies that are popular with kids and advice about app safety.
    • Computers and your child - learn how you can help your children to stay safe online, and set boundaries for how to use technology.
    • Who's chatting to your kids? - provides tips to help you keep your children safe from online predators.
    • Bullying. No way! - information about bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence in schools.
    • Resources for parents - provided by the Queensland Department of Education.
Last updated:
23 January 2019