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Support for SDEs and parents

The Learning Place is the department's secure online environment for all Queensland Schools including Schools of Distance Education (SDE).

SDE staff and students have access to a wide range of communication and collaboration tools including web conferencing, student blogs and edStudios. Students and home tutors can access high quality resources and learning activities in eLearn Virtual Classrooms.

Latest updates and news

iConnect has upgraded. Visit Web Conferencing (iConnect support) for further information

  • Safe Assign External link is now available. Students and teachers can check assignments to ensure they are not plagiarised.
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Supporting information and resources
Online safety and support

Online safety and support

Common questions and useful links.

Return to school 'Computer check-up' placemat

Return to school 'Computer check-up' placemat (PDF, 224 KB) External link

Tasks that users will be required to undertake in preparation for the return to school.

PC Windows 7 (PDF, 2.6 MB) External link
PC Windows 8 (PDF, 2.5 MB) External link
MAC users (PDF, 1.7 MB) External link
iConnect: useful checks and tips

iConnect: useful checks and tips
(PDF, 164 KB)
External link

Checks and tips for iConnect.

iConnect support

iConnect support

Web conferencing support page.

Technology and ergonomics
Learning Place system requirements

Learning Place system requirements

Suggested minimal technical requirements.

Last updated:
23 November 2016