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Round 3: 27 August to 30 November (Start: Term 3, Week 7 - End: Term 4, Week 8)

Every student succeeding:

Developing students to be risk takers, innovators and critical and creative thinkers.

  • U2B Booster Series – reading, writing and numeracy programs to boost mid-to-high achieving students' higher-order skills.
  • UNIFY Series – critical thinking, creative writing and STEM programs to excite and extend mid-to-high achieving students. (UNIFY = University, Neuroscience and Industry For You)

High quality teachers:

Developing staff to be agents of change, develop capability and sustain a culture of learning.

  • Professional Networks – provide the expert guidance, collaborative network and professional learning pathway required to lead high priority initiatives at your school for Aspiring Thinkers, Aspiring STEM Specialists and IMPACT Innovators.
  • Capability Squads – engage class teachers with their students' reading, writing or numeracy program, and access for staff to digital resources and actively participate in an online community.

About the IMPACT Centre:

Queensland locations

Schools partner with the IMPACT Centre to access our specialist teachers, proven programs and premium networks. Students and educators actively participate in our inspiring online programs. University and industry partners collaborate on powerful online projects.

More than 200 Queensland state primary and secondary schools are lifting student and staff performance in 2018 through a partnership with the Department of Education's IMPACT Centre.

See individual program summaries for specific NAPLAN relative gains. These gains were achieved in just 8-12 one hour lessons.

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Round 3: 27 August to 30 November

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25 July 2018