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Prevent cyber security cracks

Virtual Classrooms

All school staff play a key role in preventing security cracks, at school or at home. Cyber security measures work best when we all follow some simple precautions.

  1. Avoid getting caught by phishing. If you are suspicious of an email, report it straight away to the Service Centre Secure website. If you’re at home, check what you should do with your email provider.
  2. Use the Website Risk Review Register Secure website to identify the known security risks of using websites and web apps in the classroom.
  3. Only provide the minimum amount of personal information when signing up to websites or web apps. This is a great rule to remember for home too.

Learn more by joining one of the cyber security events in June.

At a Q&A session, you can find out how to protect yourself from criminal cyberattacks by listening to the advice of Queensland Police Service (Cyber and Identity Crime) Detective Senior Constable Graeme Edwards, Queensland Privacy Commissioner Mr Phil Green and Queensland Government Chief Information Officer Andrew Mills.

Register Secure website for the events today.

Last updated:
15 June 2017