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eLearn (Blackboard) upgraded

eLearn (Blackboard) underwent a patch update during the 2017 end of year maintenance period. The update included fixes and enhancements making creating items, grading and assessment management easier.

Enhancements include:

  • Drag and drop functionality
    File drag and drop attachments to content items, blank pages, blogs and journals. This will make multiple file upload much easier.
  • Submission receipts
    Students are provided with a submission number after they have submitted their assignment. This allows students to track their submission through My Grades.
  • Missing assessment reminder
    Instructors can send participants’ reminder emails about outstanding assessments from the Grade Centre.
  • New filter to show or hide assessment attempts
    Filter multiple attempts to show or hide attempts that are not used for grade calculation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Custom achievement badges can now be added without error.
  • Characters i.e. apostrophes, will no longer appear as their HTML version in content items.
  • Course emails with multiple attachments now load correctly on iOS Mail programs.

The current look and feel of all existing tools and features remains the same.

Last updated:
22 January 2018