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2-3 years before

Anniversary committee

  • Arrange a first meeting to pool ideas for anniversary events. See school anniversary celebrations.
  • Consider publishing an anniversary book/CD/DVD.
  • Schools can apply through their P & Cs for funding towards the cost of an anniversary book/CD/DVD to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund External Link (GCBF).
  • Establish a budget and begin organising fundraising activities.
  • Establish a school archive using gathered historical material.

Anniversary sub-committees

Organise sub-committees responsible for different celebratory activities including:

  • Developing school anniversary web pages within the schools' internet site to create interest in the forthcoming anniversary.
  • Researching, writing and publishing an anniversary book/CD/DVD.
  • Writing funding applications/organising fundraising activities.
  • Organising the main celebration day/fete including refreshments.
  • Compiling contact lists of former teachers/students and identifying any famous personalities.
  • Organising invitations to guest speakers, former/famous past staff/students and special furniture for the day.
  • Arranging publicity.
  • Organising a time capsule/plaque to be buried or unveiled on main anniversary day. Decide on best location.
  • Compiling contact lists of local individuals/businesses/historians/historical societies who may support the celebration.
  • Selecting interviewees for oral histories and ensuring interviewers receive training.
  • Arranging historical displays.
  • Organising the loan/donations of historical photographs/memorabilia. See Section 426 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (PDF, 1.46 MB) for details about the confidentiality of personal information.

Anniversary book/CD/DVD sub-committee

  • Commence researching your school's history after establishing individual responsibilities. Begin gathering photographs/reminiscences for book/CD/DVD. See the writing school history information sheet for details.

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