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Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools

The Department provides a Register of Recent School Openings, Closures and Name Changes (XLS, 75 KB) External Link which contains data for Queensland schools from 1999 to date.

The table below contains historical details of school openings, closings and name changes prior to 1999. The information in the table below has been updated to January 2013, using information obtained from the Department's Register.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the table below is definitive or complete.

EDU - State education facility
NSS - Non-state facility
CBC - Christian Brothers College
MOTHBALLED is effectively a closed centre. However, assets will be retained and school may possibly open in the future if found to be viable.

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Name of school Type Opening date Closing date Notes
A B Paterson College NSS 1/01/1991    
Abbeywood State School EDU   31/12/1969  
Abercorn State School EDU 3/05/1927    
Abergowrie State School EDU 6/07/1953    
Aboriginal & Islander Independent Community School NSS 1/01/1986    
Acacia Ridge State High School EDU 25/01/1971 31/12/1997 Amalgamation of Acacia Ridge State High School and Salisbury State High School to form Nyanda State High School
Acacia Ridge State School EDU 1/04/1869    
Acland State School EDU 28/02/1921 31/12/2004 Mothballed 31/12/2004. Mothballed prior to closure. Finalised 24/08/2005
Adavale State School EDU   1968  
Advancetown State School EDU 1909 1960 School closed 1913. Reopened 1918. School closed 1952 and subsequently reopened.
Agnes Water State School EDU 29/01/1990    
Agnew School (Brisbane) NSS 3/02/2003    
Agnew School (Bundaberg) NSS 3/02/2003    
Agnew School (Maryborough) NSS 3/02/2003    
Agnew School (Nambour) NSS 3/02/2003    
Agnew School (Toowoomba) NSS 3/02/2003    
Agnew School (Warwick) NSS 3/02/2003    
Airdmillan State School EDU 30/01/1912 12/12/1986  
Airville State School EDU 2/09/1890    
Aitkenvale Special School EDU 28/08/1972 31/12/2001 Amalgamation of Aitkenvale Special School and Mundingburra Special School to form Townsville Community Learning Centre
Aitkenvale State School EDU 1/06/1924    
Albany Creek State High School EDU 25/01/1982    
Albany Creek State School EDU 25/01/1875    
Albany Hills State School EDU 30/01/1979    
Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre NSS 23/01/2006    
Albert State School EDU 9/07/1883    
Alberton State School EDU   1966  
Albionville State School EDU   1962  
Alcheringa Montessori College NSS 4/07/2005    
Aldridge State High School EDU 30/01/1973    
Alexandra Bay State School EDU 1/06/1986    
Alexandra Hills State High School EDU 27/01/1987    
Alexandra Hills State School EDU 28/01/1975    
Algester State School EDU 24/01/1977    
Alkira Special School EDU 1/01/1986 2/01/1986  
All Hallows' School (Brisbane) NSS 1/11/1861    
All Saints Anglican School (Merrimac) NSS 28/01/1987    
All Saints' Primary School NSS 4/11/1956    
All Saints Primary School (Albany Creek) NSS 24/01/1989    
All Souls St Gabriels School (Charters Towers) NSS 1/02/1920    
Allan State School EDU   1967  
Allandale State School EDU   1963  
Allenstown State School EDU 16/07/1877    
Allies Creek State School EDU 1/01/1935 2/05/1980  
Alligator Creek State School EDU 14/09/1896    
Allora State School EDU 1/05/1867   Change of name 31/12/2008. Became Allora P-10 State School
Allora P-10 State School EDU 1/05/1867   Change of name 31/12/2008. Formerly known as Allora State School
Alloway State School EDU 1/02/1886    
Almaden State School EDU 6/07/1906 12/12/1997  
Aloomba State School EDU 15/05/1899    
Alpha State School EDU 30/08/1886    
Alsace State School EDU 23/01/1978 11/12/1987  
Alton Downs State School EDU   1964  
Amamoor State School EDU 10/10/1921    
Amberley State School EDU 22/05/1862   Formerly Warrill Creek State School. Change of name 1903. Became Amberley District State School. Change of name 1/01/2010.
Amberley District State School EDU     Formerly Amberley State School. Relocated and renamed Amberley District State School from 2010.
Ambrose State School EDU 29/01/1914    
Amby State School EDU 26/02/1894 19/09/1997  
Amiens State School EDU 10/03/1919    
Amity Point State School EDU   1961  
Ana Branch State School EDU   1964  
Anabranch State School EDU 1919 22/03/1964  
Anakie State School EDU 27/07/1885    
Ananda Marga River School NSS 1/01/1995    
Andergrove State School EDU 21/02/1939    
Anderleigh State School EDU   1960  
Anduramba State School EDU   1959  
Anglican Church Grammar School NSS 8/02/1912    
Annandale Christian School (Townsville) NSS 1/01/1982    
Annandale State School EDU 22/01/1998    
Apple Tree Creek State School EDU   21/12/1969 School closed 06/05/1960 and subsequently reopened.
Applethorpe State School EDU 14/09/1911    
Aquinas Catholic College (Southport) NSS 25/01/1964    
Aramac State School EDU 11/02/1878    
Aramara North State School EDU 29/02/1904 13/04/1984  
Aramara State School EDU   1967  
Aratula State School EDU 29/05/1911    
Arcadia Valley State School EDU 3/03/1975    
Arlene Special School EDU 1/01/1986 2/01/1986  
Arundel State School EDU 1/01/1994    
Ascot State School EDU 24/05/1920    
Ashgrove State School EDU 22/01/1877    
Ashmore State School EDU 23/01/1978    
Ashwell State School EDU 8/11/1887    
Aspley East State School EDU 29/01/1963    
Aspley Special School EDU 6/11/1973    
Aspley State High School EDU 29/01/1963    
Aspley State School EDU 6/08/1890    
Assisi Catholic College NSS 27/01/2005    
Assumption College (Warwick) NSS 29/08/1969    
Atherton State High School EDU 27/01/1959    
Atherton State School EDU 2/03/1891    
Athol State School EDU   1962  
Atkinson's Lagoon State School EDU   1968  
Aubigny State School EDU   1967  
Auburn River State School EDU 3/02/1969 5/06/2008 Mothballed prior to closure. Mothballed 20/02/2007
Auchenflower Infants Provisional School EDU   1961  
Augathella State School EDU 1/01/1884    
Augusta State School EDU 01/01/2011   (Initial working name: New School - Augustine Heights)
Aurukun State School EDU 29/01/1974   Change of name 01/01/2002. Became campus of Western Cape College - Aurukun
Aurukun Campus of the CYAAA Change of name 1/01/2012. Formally a campus of Western Cape College. Became a campus of Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy
Australian Christian Academy School of Distance Education NSS 13/07/2003    
Autism Therapy & Education Centre (Mount Crosby) NSS 1/03/1985 5/06/2003  
Autistic Children's Therapy Centre (Brighton) NSS 27/01/1991    
Autistic Children's Therapy Centre (Mount Crosby) NSS 1/03/1985    
Autistic Children's Therapy Centre (Sunnybank) NSS 23/07/1977    
Aviation High EDU 29/01/2007   Formerly Hendra Secondary College.
Avoca State School EDU 29/01/1980    
Avondale State School EDU 8/02/1895    
Ayr East State School EDU 18/08/1952    
Ayr State High School EDU 1/03/1937    
Ayr State School EDU 15/11/1886    

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