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Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools

The department provides a Register of Recent School Openings, Closures and Name Changes (XLS, 101KB) External Link which contains data for Queensland schools from 1999 to date.

The table below contains historical details of school openings, closings and name changes prior to 1999. The information in the table below has been updated to January 2019, using information obtained from the department's register.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the table below is definitive or complete.

EDU - State education facility
NSS - Non-state facility
CBC - Christian Brothers College
MOTHBALLED is effectively a closed centre. However, assets will be retained and school may possibly open in the future if found to be viable.

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Name of school Type Opening date Closing date Notes
Habana State School EDU   1960  
Haden State School EDU 20/05/1912    
Haigslea State School EDU 12/07/1876    
Halifax State School EDU 24/09/1883    
Haly Creek State School EDU   1967  
Hambledon State School EDU 4/04/1887    
Hamewith Special School EDU 1/01/1986 15/12/1989  
Hamilton Creek State School EDU   31/12/1972  
Hamilton Island State School EDU 28/01/1986    
Hamilton State School EDU 19/03/1907    
Hampden State School EDU 9/05/1887    
Hampton State School EDU   1959  
Hannaford State School EDU 17/03/1947    
Happy Valley State School EDU 3/05/1942    
Harelmar State School EDU 5/08/1878 14/12/1962 Formerly Eton Vale. Change of name 1888. Became Umbiran State School. Change of name 28/07/1909. Became Harelmar State School
Harlaxton State School EDU 2/09/1901    
Harlin State School EDU 20/01/1908    
Harmony Montessori School NSS 6/01/1995    
Harmony Montessori School (Caboolture) NSS 1/01/1998    
Harrami Provisional School EDU 30/06/1941 09/03/1945  
Harrami State School EDU 15/09/1947 20/03/1966 School closed 06/02/1949 and reopened 31/01/1950.
Harris Fields State School EDU 1/01/1975    
Harristown State High School EDU 24/01/1955    
Harristown State School EDU 4/09/1911    
Harrisville State School EDU 19/01/1891    
Haslemere State School EDU   1961  
Hatton Vale State School EDU 1/01/1881    
Hawkins Creek State School EDU 9/10/2012 31/12/2003  
Hayman Island State School EDU 26/07/1956   School closed 1970 and subsequently reopened.
Haystack State School EDU   1968  
Headington Hill State School EDU   1967  
Healy State School EDU 24/01/1972    
Heatley Secondary College EDU 30/01/1968   Change of name 16/12/1999. Formerly Heatley State High School.
Heatley State High School EDU     Change of name 16/12/1999. Became Heatley Secondary College.
Heatley State School EDU 25/01/1971    
Hebel State School EDU 1/04/1901    
Helens Hill State School EDU 17/08/1931    
Helensvale State High School EDU 29/01/1990   Change of name 1/01/2001. Now known as Tamborine Mountain State High School
Helensvale State School EDU 23/01/1984    
Helidon State School EDU 11/05/1874    
Hemmant State School EDU 8/05/1864 31/12/2010  
Hendon State School EDU   1954  
Hendra Centre for Continuing Secondary Education EDU 2/02/1987    
Hendra Secondary College EDU     Change of name 01/01/1994. Formerly Hendra State High School. Change of name 29/01/2007. Became Aviation High.
Hendra State High School EDU 29/01/1963   Change of name 01/01/1994. Became Hendra Secondary College.
Hendra State School EDU 1/08/1864    
Herberton State School EDU 12/12/1881    
Hercules Road State School EDU 27/01/1976    
Heritage High School (Townsville) NSS 1/02/1978 15/12/1989  
Hermit Park Special School EDU 1/01/1979 3/12/1979  
Hermit Park State Infants School EDU 1/02/1955 17/12/1993  
Hermit Park State School EDU 16/06/1924    
Hervey Bay Christian Academy NSS 1/01/1993    
Hervey Bay Special School EDU 1/01/1986    
Hervey Bay State High School EDU 28/01/1964    
Highfields State School EDU 17/01/1870    
Highland Reserve State School EDU 1/01/2009   (Initial working name Oxenford West SS)
Highvale State School EDU   1968  
Hilder Road State School EDU 30/01/1979    
Hillbrook Anglican School (Enoggera) NSS 1/01/1987    
Hillcrest Christian College NSS 2/02/1982    
Hilliard State School EDU 29/01/1991    
Hillsdale State School EDU 23/11/1916 1966 School closed 11/07/1921-04/09/1921; 01/01/1942-10/05/1942; 23/08/1942-04/10/1942; 23/09/1944-03.06.1945; 08/03/1948-29/01/1951
Hillview State School EDU 16/10/1899    
Hinchinbrook Christian School NSS 26/04/1989    
Hirstglen State School EDU   1948  
Hivesville State School EDU   1968  
Hodgleigh State Schooll EDU   1956  
Hodgson State School EDU 29/05/1877 10/05/1964 School closed 17/04/1879-20/08/1879; 30/09/1942-02/02/1947
Hodgson's Vale State School EDU   1960  
Holland Park Housing Settlement Provisional School EDU 27/01/1948 22/01/1956  
Holland Park State High School EDU 25/01/1971    
Holland Park State School EDU 28/01/1929    
Holloway's Beach State School EDU   1966  
Holy Cross Primary School (Wooloowin) NSS 1/01/1889    
Holy Cross School (Miles) NSS 1/01/1926 15/12/1989  
Holy Cross School (Smithfield) NSS 28/01/1987    
Holy Family Primary School (Gulliver) NSS   11/12/1987  
Holy Family Primary School (Indooroopilly) NSS 30/01/1928    
Holy Name Primary School (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1916    
Holy Rosary Primary School (Windsor) NSS 28/01/1929    
Holy Spirit College (Mount Pleasant) NSS 1/01/1996    
Holy Spirit Primary School (Bray Park) NSS 1/01/1977    
Holy Spirit School (Cranbrook) NSS 15/05/1969    
Holy Spirit School (New Farm) NSS 1/06/1937    
Home Creek State School EDU   1949  
Home Hill State High School EDU 28/01/1964    
Home Hill State School EDU 19/01/1914    
Homebush State School EDU 24/06/1889    
Homestead State School EDU 31/10/1893    
Hopeland State School EDU 8/02/1937 31/12/2006 Mothballed prior to closure. Finalised 23/10/2007
Hopevale Campus of the CYAAA EDU     Change of name 1/01/2012. Formally known as Hopevale SS. Became a campus of Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy
Hopevale State School EDU 1/01/1949   Change of name 1/01/2012. Amalgamation of two Western Cape College Campuses, Western Cape College - Aurukun, Western Cape College - Coen and Hopevale SS to form Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy
Horn Island State School EDU 1/02/1993    
Horse Shoe Bend State School EDU   1952  
Horseshoe Bay State School EDU   28/04/1972  
Horseshoe Lagoon School EDU May 1917 1937  
Howard State School EDU 3/10/1884    
Hubbard's School NSS 11/12/2001    
Hughenden State School EDU 1/06/1880    
Humpybong State Infants School EDU 24/08/1959 12/12/1997  
Humpybong State School EDU 1/02/1876    
Hunchy State School EDU   31/12/1969  
Huncy State School EDU   1969  
Hungerford State School EDU 30/01/1979 11/12/1981  
Hunterton School EDU 01/04/1927 21/10/1938  
Hut Creek State School EDU 17/11/1921 30/03/1945  
Hutton Park School EDU   31/12/1932 Change of name 1922. Amalgamated with Bonnie Doon school and became Strathmore.
Ignatius Park College (Townsville) NSS 25/08/1969    
Ilbilbie State School EDU 14/02/1922 1960 School closed 28/02/1922- 05/05/1930. Reopened 06/05/1930-18/10/194 and subsequently closed. Reopened 02/06/1952-14/03/1960.
Ilfracombe State School EDU 3/05/1893    
Ilkey State School EDU   1964  
Imbil State School EDU 19/07/1897   Change of name 03/11/2002. Became Mary Valley State College
Immaculate Heart of Mary School (Marian) NSS   31/12/1987  
Immaculate Heart School (Leichhardt) NSS 23/01/1967    
Immanuel Lutheran College (Maroochydore) NSS 27/01/1982    
Immanuel Lutheran Primary School NSS 30/01/1979 1/01/1994  
Inala Special School EDU 26/08/1968   Change of name 1/01/2007. Became Western Suburbs State Special School
Inala State High School EDU 30/01/1962 15/12/1995 Amalgamation of Inala State High School and the Years 8, 9 and 11 students of Richlands State High School. Full amalgamation of all students from Richlands State High School in 1997.
Inala State School EDU 1/07/1955    
Inala West State School EDU 25/01/1960 31/12/2009  
Indooroopilly State High School EDU 2/02/1954   A Gateway* school.
Indooroopilly State School EDU 8/07/1889    
Industrial High School EDU 1/01/1943 31/12/1961  
Ingham Special School EDU 25/01/1971 31/12/1992  
Ingham State High School EDU 2/02/1952    
Ingham State School EDU 4/05/1885    
Ingleside State School EDU 21/03/1892    
Inglewood State School EDU 13/02/1872    
Ingoldsby State School EDU 19/04/1886 9/08/1974  
Injune P-10 State School EDU Change of name 14/05/2012. Formerly known as Injune State School
Injune State School EDU 24/10/1921   Change of name 14/05/2012. Became Injune State School
Inkerman State School EDU 24/11/1915 31/12/1974  
Innisfail East State School EDU 3/02/1936    
Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre EDU     Change of name 07/03/2003. Formerly Innisfail Special School.
Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre - A State Special School EDU     Change of name 7/03/2003. Formerly known as Innisfail Special School. Type change 31/12/2009. Amalgamation of Innisfail State High School [2036], Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre - A State Special School and Tropical North Queensland Institute of Technical and Further Education (TNQIT) (Innisfail Campus) to form Innisfail State College
Innisfail Special School EDU 1/01/1980   Change of name 07/03/2003. Became Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre - A State Special School
Innisfail State College EDU 1/01/2010   Amalgamation of Innisfail State High School, Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre - A State Special School and Tropical North Queensland Institute of Technical and Further Education (TNQIT) (Innisfail Campus) to form Innisfail State College
Innisfail State High School EDU 24/01/1955 31/12/2009 Type change 31/12/2009. Amalgamation of Innisfail State High School, Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre - A State Special School and Tropical North Queensland Institute of Technical and Further Education (TNQIT) (Innisfail Campus) to form Innisfail State College
Innisfail State School EDU 18/07/1887    
Innisplain State School EDU   1962  
Innot Hot Springs State School EDU   1957 School closed 1949 and subsequently reopened.
Inverai State School EDU   1960  
Inverdon Road State School EDU   1955  
Inverlaw State School EDU   1968  
Inverramsay State School EDU 3/02/1914 22/08/1965  
Invicta State School EDU   1957  
Iona College (Lindum) NSS 28/01/1958   A Gateway* school.
Iona State School EDU   1963  
Ipswich Central Boy's State School EDU 1/08/1861 31/12/1973  
Ipswich Central State School EDU 1/09/1875    
Ipswich East State School EDU 28/01/1958    
Ipswich General Hospital Special School EDU   30/12/1983  
Ipswich Girls Grammar School NSS 1/02/1892    
Ipswich Grammar School NSS 25/09/1863   A Gateway* school.
Ipswich North State School EDU 5/07/1867    
Ipswich Seventh Day Adventist School (Brassall) NSS 21/01/1968    
Ipswich Special School EDU 28/01/1958    
Ipswich State High School EDU 1/07/1951    
Ipswich West Special School EDU 30/01/1973    
Ipswich West State School EDU 1/08/1861    
Iredale State School EDU 17/08/1886 12/12/1975  
Iron Bark Ridge State School EDU   1960  
Irongate State School EDU   1963  
Ironpot Creek State School EDU 7/02/1916 31/12/1974  
Ironside State School EDU 10/10/1870    
Irvinebank State School EDU 27/09/1886    
Isaacs River Camp State School EDU   1972  
Isabella State School EDU 1/01/2007    
Isis Central Mill State School EDU 23/01/1889 11/12/1987  
Isis District State High School EDU 23/01/1961    
Isisford State School EDU 19/10/1881    
Islamic School of Brisbane NSS 5/01/1995    
Ithaca Creek State School EDU 28/09/1885    
Itinerant Primary Correspondence School EDU 1/01/1981 7/09/1990  
Ivanhoe State School EDU   1965  
Iyah State School EDU   1963  

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