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Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools

The department provides a Register of Recent School Openings, Closures and Name Changes (XLS, 101KB) External Link which contains data for Queensland schools from 1999 to date.

The table below contains historical details of school openings, closings and name changes prior to 1999. The information in the table below has been updated to January 2019, using information obtained from the department's register.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the table below is definitive or complete.

EDU - State education facility
NSS - Non-state facility
CBC - Christian Brothers College
MOTHBALLED is effectively a closed centre. However, assets will be retained and school may possibly open in the future if found to be viable.

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Name of school Type Opening date Closing date Notes
Qld School for the Deaf Special School EDU 1/02/1893 9/12/1988  
Quamby State School EDU   1969  
Queen of Apostles Primary School (Lower Campus) NSS 1/01/2002    
Queen of Apostles Primary School (Stafford) NSS 30/01/1962    
Queens Beach State School EDU 25/11/1940    
Queensland Academy for Creative Industries EDU 01/01/2007    
Queensland Academy for Health Sciences EDU 1/01/2008    
Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology EDU 01/01/2007    
Queensland International Heritage College NSS 1/01/1996 17/04/1998  
Queensland School for Travelling Show Children EDU 1/01/2000 31/12/2012  
Quilpie State School EDU 10/09/1918    
Quinalow Prep-10 State School EDU     Change of name 30/09/2008. Formerly known as Quinalow State School
Quinalow State School EDU 6/05/1901   Change of name 30/09/2008. Became Quinalow Prep-10 State School
Raceview State School EDU 30/08/1901    
Radford Special School EDU 30/11/1963 9/12/1988  
Radiant Life Christian College (Innisfail) NSS 13/02/1982 1/11/1991  
Raedon State School EDU 1929 1959 School opened as Callide Bridge State School in 1929.
Raglan State School EDU 4/08/1879 13/12/1996  
Railway Estate State School EDU 21/08/1916    
Rainbow Beach State School EDU 28/01/1986    
Rainworth State School EDU 2/07/1928    
Raleigh Provisional School EDU   1951  
Ramsay State School EDU 3/10/1881    
Range Convent High School (Rockhampton) NSS 1/01/1896 31/12/1990  
Range Convent High School (Woorabinda) NSS 27/01/1987 31/12/1990  
Rangemore State School EDU   1962  
Rangeville State School EDU 1/07/1909    
Rannes State School EDU 14/03/1916 18/03/1966 School closed 23/02/1960 and reopened 30/01/1962.
Rasmussen State School EDU 23/01/1978    
Rastie State School EDU   1963  
Rathdowney State School EDU 14/05/1912    
Ravensbourne State school EDU   31/12/1969  
Ravenshoe State School EDU 5/02/1912    
Ravenswood State School EDU 27/10/1873    
Red Hill Special School EDU 28/01/1986    
Red Hill State School EDU 29/01/1985 13/12/1985  
Redbank Gully State School EDU   1963  
Redbank Plains State High School EDU 27/01/1987   A Gateway* school.
Redbank Plains State School EDU 9/02/1874    
Redbank State School EDU 1/09/1865    
Redcliffe Special School EDU 2/03/1964    
Redcliffe State High School EDU 3/02/1958    
Redeemer Lutheran College (Rochedale) NSS 4/02/1980    
Redeemer Lutheran Primary School (Biloela) NSS 23/01/1978    
Redgate State School EDU   31/12/1973  
Redland Bay State School EDU 14/12/1881    
Redland District Special School EDU 15/11/1975    
Redlands College (Wellington Point) NSS 1/02/1988    
Redlands School (Wynnum West) NSS   31/01/1980  
Redlynch State College EDU     Change of name 1/01/2007. Formerly known as Redlynch SS. Added Secondary Component to become Redlynch State College
Redlynch State School EDU 15/02/1932   Change of name 1/01/2007. Became Redlynch State College. Added Secondary Component to become Redlynch State College
Reedy Creek State School EDU   1963  
Regents Park State School EDU 1/01/1994    
Reid River State School EDU   1966  
Reid's Creek State School EDU 08/11/1909 1963  
Retford State School EDU   1962  
Richlands East State School EDU 23/01/1967    
Richlands State High School EDU 27/01/1970 13/12/1996 Amalgamation of Inala State High School and the years 8, 9, and 11 students of Richlands State High School. There was a full amalgamation of all students from Richlands State High School in 1997
Richlands State School EDU 12/06/1934 31/12/2010  
Richmond Hill State School EDU 9/09/1895    
Richmond State School EDU 22/05/1889    
Ridgelands State School EDU 12/10/1921    
Ridgetop State School EDU   1967  
Ridgewood State School EDU   1961  
Riordan Vale State School EDU   1963  
Ripple Creek State School EDU 19/06/1893 16/12/1995  
Rise and Shine State School EDU   1963  
Rita Island State School EDU   1968  
Riverleigh State School EDU 19/01/1914 31/12/2010 Mothballed 31/12/2009. Mothballed prior to closure
Rivermount College NSS 1/01/1992    
Riversdale State School EDU   1968  
Riverside Christian School NSS 14/01/1968    
Riverston State School EDU   1960  
Riverview State School EDU 24/01/1977    
Roadvale State School EDU 14/11/1889    
Robertson State School EDU 29/01/1980    
Robina State High School EDU 29/01/1996    
Robina State School EDU 29/01/1990    
Rochedale South State School EDU 30/01/1979    
Rochedale State High School EDU 24/01/1983    
Rochedale State School EDU 1/04/1931    
Rockhampton Base Hospital Sp P/School (Closed) EDU 1/01/1979 2/01/1979  
Rockhampton Central Girls and State Infants School EDU 1/02/1875 31/12/1973 Rockhampton Central Infants School amalgamated with the Rockhampton Central Girls School 01/01/1963
Rockhampton Central Infants School EDU 1876 31/12/1962  
Rockhampton Central State School EDU 1862 1962  
Rockhampton Girls' Grammar School NSS 1/01/1892    
Rockhampton Grammar School NSS 1/02/1881    
Rockhampton North Special School EDU 24/01/1977    
Rockhampton North State School EDU   1966  
Rockhampton Special School EDU 27/01/1976    
Rockhampton State High School EDU 17/02/1919    
Rocklea State School EDU 29/09/1885    
Rockmount State School EDU   1965  
Rocksberg State School EDU   1954  
Rockside State School EDU   1952  
Rockville State School EDU 1/11/1922    
Rocky Creek State School EDU   28/04/1972  
Rocky Crossing State School EDU 25/01/1988 31/12/2003  
Rocky Hill State School EDU   1963  
Rolleston State School EDU 9/10/1871    
Rollingstone State School EDU 4/09/1916    
Roma Junior School EDU 28/01/1964 31/12/2005 Became campus of Roma State College. Amalgamation of Roma Junior School, Roma Middle School and a new senior component to form Roma State College
Roma Middle School EDU 1/01/1987 31/12/2005 Became campus of Roma State College. Amalgamation of Roma Junior School, Roma Middle School and a new senior component to form Roma State College
Roma Senior School State High School EDU 2/08/1920 31/12/1987  
Roma Special School EDU 4/06/1982 31/12/1995  
Roma State College EDU 1/01/2006   Amalgamation of Roma Junior School, Roma Middle School and a new senior component to form Roma State College
Roma State College - Junior Campus EDU     Change of name 1/01/2006. Formerly known as Roma Junior School. Became campus of Roma State College
Roma State College - Middle Campus EDU     Change of name 1/01/2006. Formerly known as Roma Middle School. Became campus of Roma State College
Roma State College - Senior Campus EDU 1/01/2006   Amalgamation of Roma Junior School, Roma Middle School and a new senior component to form Roma State College
Roma State School EDU 21/03/1870 31/12/1986  
Ropeley East State School EDU   1955  
Ropeley State School EDU 28/07/1890    
Rosalie Sacred Heart Parish School (Paddington) NSS 1/01/1907 31/12/1995  
Rose Hill State School EDU   1966  
Rosedale State School EDU 6/07/1896    
Rosella Park School EDU 17/05/1971    
Rosevale State School EDU 24/11/1884 31/12/2010 Mothballed 31/12/2009. Mothballed prior to closure
Rosewood State High School EDU 29/01/1980    
Rosewood State School EDU 1/02/1875    
Ross Creek State School EDU   1962  
Rossendale State School EDU   1962  
Rossmoya State School EDU 30/07/1923 26/01/1968  
Rossvale State School EDU 24/04/1899 31/12/1985  
Rossville State School EDU 25/01/1988    
Royal Childrens Hospital Special School EDU 1/01/1919   Type change 6/04/2010. Now classified as a Special Purpose School (SPS)
Rubyvale State School EDU   1963  
Runcorn Heights State School EDU 28/01/1975    
Runcorn State High School EDU 28/01/1986    
Runcorn State School EDU 8/07/1901    
Running River State School EDU 29/04/1946 16/12/1994 School closed 31 December 1949 and reopened 2 February 1954. School closed 21 June 1963 and reopened on 23 January 1965. School closed 10/04/1974 and subsequently reopened.
Runnymeade State School EDU   1964  
Russell Island State School EDU 24/01/1916    
Russellvale State School EDU   1960  
Ryan Catholic College (Townsville) NSS 5/02/1979    
Ryeford State School EDU 8/11/1937    
Rywung State School EDU   1968  

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