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Opening and closing dates of Queensland schools

The department provides a Register of Recent School Openings, Closures and Name Changes (XLS, 101KB) External Link which contains data for Queensland schools from 1999 to date.

The table below contains historical details of school openings, closings and name changes prior to 1999. The information in the table below has been updated to January 2019, using information obtained from the department's register.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee that the table below is definitive or complete.

EDU - State education facility
NSS - Non-state facility
CBC - Christian Brothers College
MOTHBALLED is effectively a closed centre. However, assets will be retained and school may possibly open in the future if found to be viable.

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Name of school Type Opening date Closing date Notes
Sacred Heart College NSS      
Sacred Heart Primary School (Mount Morgan) NSS 1/01/1891 31/12/1997  
Sacred Heart Primary School (Booval) NSS 25/01/1931    
Sacred Heart Primary School (Sandgate) NSS 23/01/1893    
Sacred Heart Primary School (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1970    
Sacred Heart School (Cunnamulla) NSS 1/01/1915    
Sacred Heart School (Texas) NSS 30/12/1980 1/01/1987  
Sacred Heart School (Yeppoon) NSS 1/01/1958    
Saibai Island State School EDU 29/01/1985    
Saint Eugene School NSS 1/12/1989    
Saint Philomena School NSS 27/01/1999    
Saint Stephen's College NSS 1/01/1996    
Saint Stephen's College, Gladstone NSS 1/01/1998    
Salisbury State High School EDU 2/02/1954 12/12/1997 Amalgamation of Salisbury State High School and Acacia Ridge State High School to form Nyanda State High School
Salisbury State School EDU 27/05/1920    
Samford State School EDU 1/10/1872    
Samford Valley Steiner School NSS 18/02/1987    
San Jose Secondary School NSS 31/12/1900 7/12/1984  
San Sisto College (Carina) NSS 1/01/1961    
Sandgate District State High School EDU 26/01/1959    
Sandgate Special School EDU 26/04/1960 15/12/1995  
Sandgate State Infants School EDU   1971  
Sandgate State School EDU 15/09/1873    
Sandiford State School EDU 5/10/1908 23/12/1992  
Sandy Creek State School EDU   1959  
Sandy Ridges State School EDU   1956  
Sandy Strait State School EDU 27/01/1995    
Santa Maria School NSS   27/01/1987  
Sarina State High School EDU 28/01/1964    
Sarina State School EDU 5/08/1897    
Scarborough State School EDU 9/03/1925    
School for Coloured Children, Gayndah EDU   1949  
School of Today NSS 1/01/1996    
School of Total Education (Warwick) NSS 5/02/1981    
Scottville State School EDU 28/01/1924    
Scrub Creek State School EDU   1955  
Scrubby Creek State School EDU   1960  
Seaforth State School EDU 24/04/1935    
Secondary Correspondence School EDU 1958 1/07/1989 Change of name 01/07/1989. Amalgamated with the Pre-School and Primary Correspondence Schools to become the Brisbane School of Distance Education
Septimus State School EDU 20/06/1904 31/12/1999 Mothballed 31/12/1999. Mothballed prior to closure. Finalised 24/08/2005
Serviceton South State School EDU 2/09/1963    
Serviceton State School EDU 27/01/1959   Change of name 01/01/2001. Became Durack State School.
Seton College (Mount Gravatt East) NSS 3/02/1964    
Seven Hills State School EDU 25/01/1960    
Seventeen Mile Rocks State School EDU   1966  
Severnlea State School EDU 30/10/1918    
Seville Road State School EDU 23/01/1956    
Shailer Park State High School EDU 29/01/1980    
Shailer Park State School EDU 25/01/1982    
Shalom Christian College NSS 1/01/1992    
Shalom College (Bundaberg) NSS 27/01/1984    
Sharon State School EDU 26/02/1883    
Sheldon College NSS 1/01/1997    
Sherwood State School EDU 25/03/1867    
Shirbourne State School EDU   7/08/1970  
Shorncliffe State School EDU 28/01/1919    
Siena Catholic College NSS 1/01/1997    
Siena Catholic Primary School NSS 26/09/2001    
Silent Grove Upper State School EDU   1963  
Silkstone State School EDU 1/07/1882    
Silkwood State School EDU 28/08/1916    
Silkwood Steiner School (Nerang) NSS 1/01/1997    
Silky Oak Creek State School EDU 1/11/1940 31/12/1974 School closed 1948 and subsequently reopened.
Silver Plains State School EDU   28/04/1972  
Silverdale State School EDU   1963  
Silverleaf State School EDU   1963  
Silverleigh State School EDU   1967  
Sim Jue Creek State School EDU   1959  
Sinai College NSS 29/01/1990    
Sir Leslie Wilson School EDU 15/07/1994 15/12/2000 Amalgamation of John Oxley School and Sir Leslie Wilson School to form Brisbane Youth Detention Centre School
Siverspur State School EDU   1960  
Six Mile Camping Reserve School EDU 09/07/1900 1925  
Slacks Creek State School EDU 19/05/1873    
Slade Point State School EDU 11/04/1939    
Slade School (Warwick) NSS 30/01/1926 31/12/1997  
Sladevale State School EDU   1967  
Smithfield State High School EDU 24/01/1983    
Smithfield State School EDU   1964  
Somerset College (Mudgeeraba) NSS 1/01/1983    
Somerset Dam State School EDU 24/01/1966 31/12/2000  
Somerset Hills State School EDU 24/01/1966    
Somerville House (South Brisbane) NSS 6/10/1899    
Somme State School EDU   1962  
Soubirous College (Scarborough) NSS 5/02/1951 31/12/1994  
South Burnett Catholic College NSS 1/04/1964    
South Johnstone State School EDU 5/06/1916    
South Queensland International College NSS 24/02/1992    
Southbrook Central State School EDU 31/10/1910   Change of name 1916. Formerly Elvill State School.
Southbrook State School EDU   1948  
Southern Cross Catholic College NSS 1/01/1995    
Southern Cross Catholic College (Kippa Ring Prim) NSS 1/01/2002    
Southern Cross Catholic College (Scarborough Prim) NSS 1/01/2002    
Southern Cross Catholic College (Woody Point Prim) NSS 1/01/2002    
Southern Cross Catholic School (Townsville) NSS 1/01/1998    
Southport School (The) NSS 1/01/1901    
Southport Special School EDU 1/01/1970   Change of name 01/01/2003. Became The Kumbari Avenue School - Gold Coast. Change of name 19/09/2008. Became Southport Special School.
Southport State High School EDU 24/01/1955    
Southport State School EDU 17/02/1880    
Southside Christian College (Salisbury) NSS 15/04/1985    
Southside Education Centre (Tarragindi) NSS 24/08/1999    
Speedwell State School EDU   1963  
Spinifex State College - Mount Isa - Junior Campus EDU 1/01/2003   Campus located at former Mount Isa State High School
Spinifex State College - Mount Isa - Senior Campus EDU 1/01/2003   Campus located at former Kalkadoon State High School
Spinifex State College - Mount Isa Education and Training Precinct EDU 1/01/2003   Amalgamation of Kalkadoon State High School and Mount Isa State High School to form Spinifex State College Precinct
Splinter Creek Bridge State School EDU   1958  
Spring Creek State School EDU   1954 School closed 1950 and subsequently reopened.
Spring Creek Upper State School EDU   1/05/1970  
Spring Flat State School EDU 20/03/1893 02/04/1929  
Springbrook State School EDU 26/04/1911   School closed in 1971 and subsequently reopened 23/01/1984
Springfield Central State High School EDU 01/01/2011   (Initial working name: New School - Springfield SHS)
Springfield Central State School EDU 1/01/2011   (Initial working name: New School - Springfield SS)
Springfield Lakes State School EDU 1/01/2007    
Springfield State School EDU     Change of name 01/01/2000. Became Woodcrest College
Springside State School EDU   1954  
Springsure State School EDU 14/03/1870    
Springvale State School EDU   1965  
Springwood Central State School EDU 24/01/1977    
Springwood Road State School EDU 29/01/1974    
Springwood State High School EDU 24/01/1977   A Gateway* school.
Square Top State School EDU   1959  
St Agatha's Primary School (Clayfield) NSS 27/01/1925    
St Agnes' School (Mount Gravatt) NSS 1/01/1962    
St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School (Corinda) NSS 5/02/1929    
St Ambrose's Primary School (Newmarket) NSS 5/07/1936    
St Andrew's Anglican College (Peregian Springs) NSS 28/01/2003    
St Andrew's Catholic College Redlynch Valley NSS 1/01/2001    
St Andrews Catholic Primary School (Ferny Grove) NSS 21/07/1985    
St Andrew's Lutheran College (Andrews) NSS 1/01/1993    
St Anne's School (Sarina) NSS 29/06/1925    
St Anthony's Catholic College (secondary campus) NSS 24/01/2005    
St Anthony's School (Alexandra Hills) NSS 1/01/1980    
St Anthony's School (Deeragun) NSS 1/01/1992    
St Anthony's School (Dimbulah) NSS 1/01/1966    
St Anthony's School (Kedron) NSS 26/01/1930    
St Anthony's School (North Rockhampton) NSS 1/01/1900    
St Anthony's School (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1954    
St Augustine's College NSS 29/01/2003    
St Augustine's College (Cairns) NSS 9/02/1930    
St Augustine's School (Currumbin Waters) NSS 27/01/1987    
St Augustine's School (Mossman) NSS 1/01/1934    
St Barnabas' School (Ravenshoe) NSS 1/01/1953 31/10/1990  
St Benedict's College (Wilston) NSS 1/01/1978 31/12/1991  
St Bernadette's School (Scarborough) NSS 1/01/1948 31/12/1994  
St Bernard State School EDU 27/01/1914    
St Bernardine's School (Browns Plains) NSS 27/01/1982    
St Bernard's School (Upper Mount Gravatt) NSS 24/01/1953    
St Brendan's College (Yeppoon) NSS 8/10/1939    
St Brendan's Primary School (Moorooka) NSS 28/01/1929    
St Brigid's Catholic Primary School (Nerang) NSS 1/01/1994    
St Brigid's Primary School (Rosewood) NSS 30/01/1922    
St Brigid's School (Red Hill) NSS   31/10/1989  
St Catherine's School (Proserpine) NSS 1/01/1925    
St Catherine's School (Wishart) NSS 4/03/1973    
St Cecilias Convent School NSS      
St Clare's School (Tully) NSS 1/01/1928    
St Colman's School (Home Hill) NSS 7/04/1927    
St Columban's College (Caboolture) NSS 29/01/1928    
St Columba's Primary School (Wilston) NSS 19/06/1917    
St Columba's School (Charters Towers) NSS 1/01/1874 31/12/1997  
St Columba's School (Dalby) NSS 8/08/1887    
St Dympna's Parish School (Aspley) NSS 24/01/1963    
St Edmund's Christian Brothers College (Ipswich) NSS 1/02/1892    
St Edward the Confessor School (Daisy Hill) NSS 1/01/1978    
St Elizabeth's School (Ekibin) NSS 28/01/1958    
St Finbarr's School (Ashgrove) NSS 1/06/1925    
St Finbarr's School (Quilpie) NSS 1/01/1950    
St Flannan's School (Zillmere) NSS 29/03/1954    
St Francis Catholic Primary School NSS 24/01/2005    
St Francis' College (Marsden) NSS 8/02/1988    
St Francis De Sales' School (Clifton) NSS 1/01/1917    
St Francis Primary School (Ayr) NSS 1/01/1912    
St Francis' School (Hughenden) NSS 1/10/1900    
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School (Mackay) NSS 4/02/1935    
St Francis Xavier's School (Goodna) NSS 1/01/1910    
St Francis Xavier's School (Manunda) NSS 23/01/1967    
St Francis Xavier's School (Runaway Bay) NSS 28/01/1975    
St George State High School EDU 23/01/1978    
St George State School EDU 2/02/1874    
St Gerard Majella School (Woree) NSS 27/01/1988    
St Helens State School EDU 16/08/1882    
St Hilda's School (Southport) NSS 1/01/1912    
St Ignatius' School (Toowong) NSS 1/07/1903    
St Ita's Primary School (Dutton Park) NSS 27/01/1919    
St James Lutheran College NSS 27/01/2003    
St James Practical Education NSS 1/01/1869    
St James' School (Coorparoo) NSS 1/01/1916    
St Joachim's School (Holland Park) NSS 1/02/1938    
St John Bosco's School (Collinsville) NSS 1/09/1936    
St John Fisher College (Bracken Ridge) NSS 5/10/1981    
St John Fisher's CBC (Currajong) NSS   11/12/1987  
St John Vianney's School (Manly) NSS 21/01/1941    
St John's Catholic Primary School (Walkerston) NSS 29/01/1924    
St John's Catholic School (Roma) NSS 1/01/1942    
St John's College (Nambour) NSS 23/01/1979    
St Johns Convent High School NSS   1/01/1981  
St Johns Convent School (Roma) NSS   1/01/1981  
St John's Lutheran Primary School (Bundaberg) NSS 24/01/1978    
St John's Lutheran Primary School (Kingaroy) NSS 1/01/1989    
St John's School (Gladstone) NSS 25/01/1977    
St John's School (Northgate) NSS 29/01/1952 31/12/1995  
St John's School (Silkwood) NSS 2/02/1948    
St Joseph's School (Stanthorpe) NSS 26/01/1875    
St Joseph's CBC (Rockhampton) NSS 9/07/1894 31/12/1990  
St Joseph's CBC (Warwick) NSS   1/01/1980  
St Joseph's College (Gregory Terrace) NSS 5/07/1875    
St Joseph's College (Nudgee College)(Boondall) NSS 1/01/1891    
St Joseph's College (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1956    
St Josephs Convent School (Alpha) NSS 1/01/1980
St Josephs Convent School (Longreach) NSS 1/01/1900 13/12/1985  
St Joseph's Primary School (Biloela) NSS 31/01/1939    
St Joseph's Primary School (Bracken Ridge) NSS 28/01/1978    
St Joseph's Primary School (Corinda) NSS 1/01/1917    
St Joseph's Primary School (Kangaroo Point) NSS 1/03/1870    
St Joseph's Primary School (Mount Isa) NSS 29/01/1985    
St Joseph's Primary School (Nambour) NSS 1/01/1925    
St Josephs School (Augathella) NSS      
St Joseph's School (Atherton) NSS 29/01/1923    
St Joseph's School (Barcaldine) NSS 21/10/1962    
St Joseph's School (Bardon) NSS 24/01/1938    
St Joseph's School (Blackall) NSS 22/07/1917    
St Joseph's School (Bundaberg) NSS 1/01/1876    
St Joseph's School (Cairns) NSS 1/07/1927    
St Joseph's School (Childers) NSS 24/01/1926    
St Joseph's School (Chinchilla) NSS 29/01/1923    
St Joseph's School (Clermont) NSS 1/01/1900    
St Joseph's School (Cloncurry) NSS 29/10/1909    
St Joseph's School (Gayndah) NSS 6/10/1919    
St Joseph's School (Giru) NSS 1/01/1945 31/12/1998  
St Joseph's School (Ipswich North) NSS 13/08/1913    
St Joseph's School (Julia Creek) NSS 1/01/1955 31/12/1995  
St Joseph's School (Mackay) NSS 1/08/1936    
St Joseph's School (Millmerran) NSS 16/02/1959    
St Joseph's School (Mundingburra) NSS 1/01/1924    
St Joseph's School (Murgon) NSS 27/02/1937    
St Joseph's School (North Ward) NSS 29/03/1873    
St Joseph's School (Nundah) NSS 1/01/1916    
St Joseph's School (Rockhampton, Park Avenue) NSS 28/01/1929    
St Joseph's School (Rockhampton, Wandal) NSS 24/01/1916    
St Joseph's School (Tara) NSS 1/01/1965    
St Joseph's Tobruk Memorial School (Beenleigh) NSS 25/10/1953    
St Kevin's Primary School (Geebung) NSS 1/01/1964    
St Kevin's School (Benowa) NSS 30/01/1979    
St Kierans CBC NSS 31/12/1900 7/12/1984  
St Kierans Primary School (Mount Isa) NSS 4/02/1985    
St Kieran's School (Brighton) NSS 2/02/1960    
St Laurence's College (South Brisbane) NSS 1/01/1925    
St Lawrence State School EDU 28/05/1871    
St Luke's Anglican School (Bundaberg) NSS 1/01/1994    
St Luke's School (Capalaba) NSS 1/01/1989    
St Margaret Mary's College (Hyde Park) NSS 1/01/1963    
St Margaret Mary's Primary School (Hermit Park) NSS   11/12/1987  
St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School (Ascot) NSS 1/01/1895    
St Maria Goretti's School (Inglewood) NSS 5/02/1951    
St Marks Lutheran Primary School NSS 23/01/2006    
St Mark's School (Inala) NSS 29/01/1963    
St Martin's School (Carina) NSS 30/01/1954    
St Mary's Boys Primary School NSS 1/01/1892 28/01/1991  
St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Bundaberg) NSS 1/01/1952    
St Mary's CBC (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1899    
St Mary's College (Charters Towers) NSS 1/01/1882 31/12/1997  
St Mary's College (Dalby) NSS 21/01/1963    
St Mary's College (Ipswich) NSS      
St Mary's College (Maryborough) NSS 1/01/1983    
St Mary's College (Woree) NSS 1/01/1986    
St Mary's Junior Primary School (Bundaberg) NSS 1/01/1982 22/08/1986  
St Mary's Primary School (Beaudesert) NSS 1/01/1901    
St Mary's Primary School (Ipswich) NSS 1864    
St Mary's Primary School (Kingaroy) NSS 1/01/1929 31/12/1990  
St Mary's Primary School (Maryborough) NSS 1/01/1880    
St Marys School (Charleville) NSS   1/01/1981  
St Mary's School (Bowen) NSS 1/09/1872    
St Mary's School (Charleville) NSS 26/01/1913    
St Mary's School (Goondiwindi) NSS 1/01/1911    
St Mary's School (Laidley) NSS 1/01/1912    
St Mary's School (Mackay) NSS 23/11/1923    
St Mary's School (Rockhampton North) NSS 1/01/1900    
St Mary's School (Taroom) NSS 1/01/1920    
St Mary's School (Townsville West) NSS 1/10/1888 16/07/1997  
St Mary's School (Upper Campus)(Warwick) NSS 1/01/2002    
St Mary's School (Warwick) NSS 1/10/1874    
St Mary's State School EDU   1955  
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School (Loganholme) NSS 23/01/1984    
St Michael's College (Caboolture) NSS 25/01/1983    
St Michael's College (Carrara) NSS 4/02/1985    
St Michael's School (Gordonvale) NSS 1/01/1923    
St Michael's School (Palm Island) NSS 1/01/1934    
St Monica's College (Cairns) NSS 1/01/1890    
St Monica's School (Oakey) NSS 1/01/1921    
St Oliver Plunkett School (Cannon Hill) NSS 1/01/1946    
St Patrick's College (Gympie) NSS 30/12/1916    
St Patrick's College (Mackay) NSS 22/09/1929   A Gateway* school.
St Patrick's College (Shorncliffe) NSS 21/01/1952    
St Patrick's College (Townsville) NSS 1/01/1904    
St Patricks Convent School (Fortitude Valley) NSS 31/12/1899 19/11/1982  
St Patrick's Parish Primary School (Mitchell) NSS 1/01/1925    
St Patrick's Primary School (Bundaberg) NSS 1/01/1937    
St Patrick's Primary School (Gympie) NSS 1/01/1968    
St Patrick's Primary School (Nanango) NSS 28/04/1912    
St Patrick's School (Allora) NSS 24/01/1916    
St Patrick's School (Emerald) NSS 31/01/1902    
St Patrick's School (St George) NSS 19/05/1933    
St Patrick's School (Winton) NSS 1/01/1906    
St Paul's College (Park Ridge) NSS 1/01/1998 9/04/1998  
St Pauls Infant School (Mt Gravatt) NSS   25/01/1980  
St Paul's Lutheran Primary School (Caboolture) NSS 11/02/1985    
St Pauls Primary School (Carina) NSS   31/12/1979  
St Paul's School (Bald Hills) NSS 1/01/1961    
St Paul's School (Gracemere) NSS 27/01/1988    
St Pauls School (Torres Strait) NSS   31/01/1981  
St Paul's School (Woodridge) NSS 1/01/1969    
St Pauls State School EDU 29/01/1985    
St Peter Chanel Primary School (The Gap) NSS 29/08/1972    
St Peter Claver College (Riverview) NSS 5/08/1976    
St Peter's Anglican School (North Lakes) NSS 31/12/2003 31/12/2003  
St Peter's Lutheran College (Indooroopilly) NSS 25/02/1945    
St Peter's Lutheran Junior College (Indooroopilly) NSS 25/02/1945 31/12/2001  
St Peter's Primary School (Rochedale) NSS 1/01/1976    
St Peter's School (Caboolture) NSS 30/01/1951    
St Peter's School (Halifax) NSS 1/01/1927    
St Peter's School (Rockhampton) NSS 28/01/1934    
St Pius' Primary School (Banyo) NSS 16/03/1947    
St Pius X School (Salisbury) NSS 1/01/1964    
St Rita's Catholic Primary School (Victoria Point) NSS 23/12/1992    
St Rita's College (Clayfield) NSS 31/01/1926    
St Rita's School (Babinda) NSS 3/02/1926    
St Rita's School (South Johnstone) NSS 1/02/1932    
St Saviour's College (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1873    
St Saviour's Primary School (Toowoomba) NSS 1/01/1873    
St Sebastian's Primary School (Yeronga) NSS 25/01/1937    
St Stanislaus CBC (Rockhamption North) NSS   31/10/1989  
St Stephen's Catholic College NSS 24/01/2006    
St Stephen's School NSS 26/01/2004    
St Stephen's School (Pittsworth) NSS 6/08/1916    
St Teresa's Agricultural College (Abergowrie) NSS 22/10/1933    
St Teresa's Catholic College NSS 26/01/2004    
St Teresa's School (Ravenshoe) NSS 1/01/1950    
St Therese's School (Edmonton) NSS 29/04/1929    
St Therese's School (Monto) NSS 5/02/1940    
St Thomas Aquinas School(St Lucia) NSS 1953 1966  
St Thomas More Catholic Primary School (Sunshine Beach) NSS 1/01/1990    
St Thomas More College (Sunnybank) NSS 1/01/1974    
St Thomas More's School (Toowoomba) NSS 23/01/1961    
St Thomas' School (Mareeba) NSS 1/01/1909    
St Thomas' School (Camp Hill) NSS 28/01/1929    
St Ursula's College (Toowoomba) NSS 2/02/1931    
St Ursula's College (Yeppoon) NSS 12/03/1918    
St Vincent's School (Surfers Paradise) NSS 1/01/1948    
St William's School (Grovely) NSS 4/02/1957    
Stafford Heights State School EDU 3/04/1956    
Stafford State Infants School EDU 24/01/1955 09/12/1977  
Stafford State School EDU 25/05/1886    
Staines Memorial College NSS 25/01/2005    
Stake Yard Provisional School EDU 07/09/1903 22/01/1933 Half time School from 09/03/1908 - 31/08/1908. Reopened as a State School 15/05/1911
Stamford State School EDU 23/01/1984 29/07/2013  
Stanley River State School EDU   31/12/1973  
Stanmore State School EDU   31/12/1972  
Stanthorpe Adventist Primary School NSS 25/01/1982 31/12/2002  
Stanthorpe State High School EDU 23/01/1961    
Stanthorpe State School EDU 9/03/1874    
Stanwell State School EDU 7/11/1873    
Stapylton State School EDU   1961  
Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School (Torquay) NSS 23/01/1984    
Star of the Sea College NSS 1/01/1900 31/12/1990  
Star of the Sea Primary School (Gladstone) NSS 19/01/1902    
State Commercial High School and College EDU 1/01/1933 31/12/1962  
Stella Maris School (Maroochydore) NSS 30/01/1980    
Stephen Island State School EDU 29/01/1985    
Stone State School EDU 18/03/1909 17/12/1993  
Stonehenge State School EDU 3/09/1900   School closed 1947 and subsequently reopened. School closed 01/02/1977and reopened 27/01/1981.
Stonelands State School EDU   1967  
Strathdiekie State School EDU   1962  
Strathmore School EDU 1916 31/12/1932 Formerly two separate schools. Bonnie Doon and Hutton Park schools amalgamated in 1922 to become Strathmore
Strathpine State Infants School EDU 23/01/1978 9/12/1988  
Strathpine State School EDU 16/01/1911    
Strathpine West State School EDU 27/01/1981    
Stratvell State School EDU 2/08/1916 31/12/2002  
Stretton State College EDU 1/01/2006    
Sts Peter and Paul's School (Bulimba) NSS 7/01/1916    
Stuart State School EDU 18/05/1891    
Stuart Valley State School EDU   1961  
Stuartholme School (Toowong) NSS 1/03/1920    
Summerholm State School EDU   1955  
Sunbury State School EDU 19/01/1891    
Sunnybank Hills State School EDU 30/01/1979    
Sunnybank Special School EDU 1/01/1986    
Sunnybank State High School EDU 29/01/1963    
Sunnybank State School EDU 27/01/1959    
Sunnyside State School EDU   1960  
Sunnyvale State School EDU   1958  
Sunset State School EDU 30/01/1968    
Sunshine Beach State High School EDU 1/01/1992    
Sunshine Beach State School EDU 25/01/1982    
Sunshine Coast Grammar School NSS 1/01/1997    
Sunshine Coast Region Evening Classes EDU 3/02/1991 14/11/1991  
Support Unit - School of Distance Education EDU 23/08/1988 17/11/1992  
Surat State School EDU 23/07/1874    
Surfers Paradise State School EDU 25/08/1934    
Swan Creek State School EDU 20/06/1870 12/12/1997  
Swanfels State School EDU 18/01/1892 12/12/1980  
Swayneville State School EDU 26/08/1935    
Sybil Creek State School EDU   1965  
Sylvania Special School EDU 1/01/1986 9/12/1988  

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3 February 2014