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School anniversary information sheet: special guests and requests

Your school may invite a range of guests to your main celebration day.

If inviting politicians of different parties or levels of government, the protocol handbook will help with the wording of invitations and the recommended order of proceedings.

For further information, contact:
Protocol Queensland


  • should be sent as soon as you have decided on a date
  • advise guests who else will be attending
  • be clear as to what you want your guest to do: attend only, present a speech, plant a tree, unveil a plaque, write a foreword.


If more than one speech will be presented, it is useful to ask guests to speak on a specific area to avoid repetition and embarrassment.

Speech - foreword

Details needed for speakers:

  • length of speech
  • length of foreword
  • date school opened
  • number of students/teachers on first day
  • first school building
  • key developments in school's history
  • current number of students and teachers
  • current school facilities
  • details of prominent former students or staff
  • school motto – if applicable

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Last reviewed
11 March 2013
Last updated
11 March 2013