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A chronology of education in Queensland

1824-1850 | 1851-1875 | 1876-1900 | 1901-1925 | 1926-1950 | 1951-1975 | 1976-2000 | 2000-2011



  • Queensland became a separate colony and thus responsible for education within its boundaries.


  • The first National schools in Brisbane were established - Brisbane Boys and Brisbane Girls.


  • Education Act placed all primary education under one general and comprehensive system controlled by the Board of General Education.
  • A second act, the Grammar Schools Act, provided for the establishment of a grammar (secondary) school in any locality where a sum of not less than £1000 had been raised for this purpose.


  • The first grammar school was opened at Ipswich.

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  • Provisional schools were introduced. The parents provided the building and often found the teacher. The Department paid the teacher's salary.


  • Free education was implemented.


  • The first State Scholarship Examination was held, and this was to become the basis for granting a specific number of scholarships to secondary schools.


  • Education Act provided for free, secular and compulsory education in State schools and transferred all primary education in Queensland to the Department of Public Instruction responsible to a Minister for Education.
  • The new Act provided for Classes 1 to 5 (approximately 8 years) in primary schools. The syllabus comprised reading, writing, arithmetic, object lessons, drill and gymnastics, vocal music, sewing and needlework, geography, history, English grammar and elementary mechanics.

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