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A chronology of education in Queensland

1824-1850 | 1851-1875 | 1876-1900 | 1901-1925 | 1926-1950 | 1951-1975 | 1976-2000 | 2000-2011



  • The main responsibility for conducting migrant education in Queensland passed from the Commonwealth Government to the State Government.


  • A new primary syllabus was introduced.
  • The class structure was changed to a Preparatory Grade (1 year) and Grades 1-8.


  • The Preparatory Grade was abolished.


  • The name of the Department was altered from the Department of Public Instruction to the Department of Education.
  • A second teachers college at Kedron Park in Brisbane was opened. The Townsville University College was established as part of the University of Queensland.
  • Queensland Conservatorium of Music was opened at South Brisbane


  • The last State Scholarship Examination was held.
  • Television broadcasts for schools began.

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  • At the end of the year, both Grades 7 and 8 transferred automatically to secondary school, becoming (in 1964) Grades 8 and 9 respectively.


  • The Education Act of 1964 introduced changes in the control of secondary, technical and agricultural education, and raised the school leaving age to 15 (operative in 1965).
  • New primary and secondary syllabuses were introduced over the next five years.


  • A textbook allowance for all secondary students in both State and non-State schools, free of means tax, was introduced.


  • Institutes of technology were opened in Toowoomba and Rockhampton. A remote area allowance was introduced for all secondary students in isolated areas.
  • Queensland's first rural training school was opened at Longreach.
  • Per capita grants to non-State schools were reintroduced.


  • The first students to begin a three-year primary course of teacher education at teachers colleges were enrolled.
  • New teachers colleges were opened at Townsville and at Mt Gravatt in Brisbane.

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  • Public Examinations for Queensland Secondary School Students (the Radford Report) was published.
  • The external Junior Examination was discontinued for all full-time students.
  • The Townsville University College became an autonomous university as the James Cook University of North Queensland.
  • New primary and secondary syllabuses were introduced over the next five years.
  • The first teacher-librarians were appointed.
  • The first advisory teachers were appointed.


  • The Board of Teacher Education was constituted under the Education Act Amendment Act 1970.
  • The Board of Secondary School Studies, responsible for the implementation of the recommendations of the Radford Report, held its first meeting.
  • The Board of Advanced Education was established and the three institutes of technology, the Queensland Agricultural College and the Conservatorium of Music became autonomous institutions.
  • Teacher Education in Queensland (the Murphy Report) was published.
  • Regionalisation of Brisbane and hinterland began with the creation of Brisbane North Region.


  • The external Senior Examination was held for the last time for all full-time students.
  • The four teachers colleges became autonomous and came under the control of the Board of Advanced Education.

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  • Provision of one-year State preschool education for four and five year olds commenced.
  • Comparability tests were used in the first semester of Grade 12 to assist the Moderation Committee of the Board of Secondary School Studies in their duties.
  • The first teachers centres, or regional resource centres for teachers, opened.
  • A Co-ordinator of In-Service Education was appointed to supervise important developments in this field.
  • The first teacher aides were appointed.


  • The Australian Scholastic Aptitude Test (A.S.A.T.) was administered in September to all students enrolled in semester 4 of Grade 12. The purpose of A.S.A.T. was to obtain information regarding students' aptitudes for higher education.
  • The preschool correspondence program began.
  • The Disadvantaged Schools Scheme (later known as the Special Program Schools Scheme) was introduced with Commonwealth funding.
  • Regionalisation of Brisbane and hinterland completed with creation of Brisbane West and Brisbane South Regions.


  • The first resource teachers were appointed.
  • The centenary of the State Education Act of 1875 was celebrated.
  • The first high school built to the new faculty based campus design was opened at Craigslea in Brisbane.
  • Professional Development (In Service) Program began with 8 and 16 week refresher courses for teachers. Courses offered to teachers with 5 to 10 years experience. The teacher designed and directed his own program.

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