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Reduction in the number of provisional schools in 1909

By 1908, the improved economic situation and the growing interest in equality of educational opportunity resulted in more generous provisions for the establishment of State schools. The 1909 Regulations provided for the building of a State school where a permanent average daily attendance of not less than 12 children (previously 30) could be secured. (The State Education Acts Amendment Act of 1912 eliminated the need for the one-fifth local contribution needed for State school buildings.) The 1909 Regulations also eliminated Departmental financial assistance for provisional school buildings.

These changes were significant for State education. The number of provisional schools was reduced considerably. In 1909, there were 1059 State schools and only 79 provisional schools. Furthermore, after 1909 the sub-standard buildings of provisional schools declared State schools in 1909 were gradually replaced by the higher standard buildings required for State schools.

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10 January 2013