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Teaching strategies

The teacher at a one teacher school used a variety of strategies to manage the curriculum program for Grades 1 to 8 (the latter till 1963) including:

  • a structured daily program with morning assembly, Bible reading, lecturettes, homework testing, and speech training
  • giving children exercises from the blackboard to complete which the teacher had filled with work for the day before school
  • teaching one third of the class grammar or reading while another draft worked at arithmetic and another, geography
  • giving ten minutes of the half hour lesson to each draft
  • quickly testing the work learnt by each draft from the blackboard while teacher had been teaching another draft
  • some pupils read to each other on the veranda, while others chanted tables to a monitor or completed a card of sums
  • working different age groups at appropriate grade levels
  • combining all grades for lessons like history, geography, music and art.
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20 February 2013
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20 February 2013