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History of the School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS)


  • Free rail travel to Grammar schools in Brisbane introduced.


  • Free rail travel to secondary students in country centres with no grammar school introduced.


  • Grant not exceeding 50 pounds ($100) towards the cost of conveying children by motor boat to Maroochy State School. Until May 1945, only subsidy assistance was paid to transport services.


  • School Road Transport Services introduced where no licensed bus services were operating. Provided to primary school students over 10 years of age residing more than 3 miles from the nearest state school.


  • Secondary school services commenced. Secondary school students to reside more than 3 miles from the nearest state secondary school.
  • Conveyance Allowances introduced. Class A for private vehicle. Class B for parents of children travelling by licensed bus. Parents had to pay first 5 shillings per week per student.


  • School bus transport extended to primary school students under 10 years of age residing more than 2 miles from the nearest state school.
  • Conveyance Allowance extended to opportunity students. Sub normal students not eligible past the nearest school.
  • Sub normal students permitted to travel on school road transport services.


  • Class B threshold of 50 cents removed. Non-government students only to receive refund based on nearest state school.
  • Conveyance Allowance extended to include students attending schools for the deaf or blind.
  • Taxi travel introduced for hearing and vision impaired students.


  • Claims for refund of fares on public transport services extended to full approved fare to the nearest state school. Refund of fares to the nearest state school extended to non state school students.


  • Administrative Instructions on School Road Transport published by the Department of Education.
  • Petrol and Oil introduced for parents of handicapped children who travel more than 30 km to a special school.


  • Class D and E Conveyance Allowance introduced for non state students resident outside the Greater Brisbane area.


  • Department of Education creates Transport Officer positions in 10 regions to administer the School Transport Assistance Scheme.


  • Responsibility for the School Transport Assistance Scheme transferred from the Department of Education to the Department of Transport.


  • Eligibility for all primary school students amended to more than 3.2 kilometres from the nearest state school.
  • School Transport Information Management System (STIMS) started.
  • Term Date Register introduced on STIMS.
  • Standing passenger limit reduced from 32 km to 20 km.
  • Class A, C and D changed to a per vehicle rate.
  • Fixed and variable payment introduced based on student number categories.
  • 'Vehicle Premiums' start.
  • Formula introduced.
  • Applications for Conveyance Allowance restricted to current year of travel only.


  • School Transport Business Calendar introduced.
  • KM Services added to STIMS.
  • Conveyance Allowance added to STIMS.


  • Vehicle categories introduced (C1 to C5).
  • 'Operator Premiums' replace 'Vehicle Premiums'.
  • Minimum Daily Payment abolished.
  • 1/7/1993: KM Category Review introduced (20 month period).
  • Conveyance Allowance rates expanded to assist students travelling more than 50 km.
  • Special Education added to STIMS.


  • Loaded and Unloaded introduced, '2 way Premiums' introduced.
  • Relaxation of distance criteria for extensions where students live over 16km from their nearest school.
  • 30/12/1994 'Operator Premiums' cease.
  • Drought Assistance introduced for families on primary producing properties from 1/7/1994.
  • Rail policy changes introduced on 1/7/1994: 1/3 adult fares for school students
  • Safety Net for low income families - to school attended.
  • Eligibility based on agriculture subjects abolished. Existing students phased out.


  • 1 July KM Category Review increased to 21 months.
  • '2 Way Premiums' ceased on 31/12/1995.
  • 2/10/1995: STAS Fares Policy introduced.
  • Safety Net on buses introduced for low income families. Low income defined as above the minimum levels of Family Payment, Youth Allowance, Abstudy, Veteran's Affairs Pensioner Concession Card and a child under a Care and Protection Order.


  • 8/1996: Guides to the School Transport Assistance Scheme first published (Version 1.1).
  • Policy on Introduction of Subsidised Services introduced (26/7/1996).


  • Non Government Schools Bus Fare Assistance Program 'Hot Spots' starts.
  • Mountainous Terrain Allowance introduced.
  • Zonal Allowance on Variable Payment introduced.
  • Mountainous Terrain Allowance introduced.
  • Drought Assistance added to STIMS.


  • 1/1998: Guides to the School Transport Assistance Scheme Version 2 published.
  • 8/1998: Guides to the School Transport Assistance Scheme published on line (Lotus Notes).
  • 21/4/98: Code of Conduct for School Children Travelling on Buses introduced.
  • Payment of Fixed to operators to those schools closing one week early at end of year.
  • Kilometric Category Review Procedures implemented.
  • 1/7/1998: QR paid through STIMS for safety net rail students.


  • 4/10/1999: Code of Conduct for School Children Travelling on Buses - revised version introduced
  • School Transport Procedures Manual first published.
  • Isolated Package introduced. Number of students to institute a subsidised service reduced to 7 students from 3 families, includes preschool students.
  • Class I introduced as part of Isolated Package.
  • Renewals of Conveyance Allowance, Safety Net bus and Rail outsourced.


  • Diesel and Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme (DAFGS)/NON DAFGS payment rates introduced.
  • DAFGS/NON DAFGS STAS fares introduced.
  • Eligibility based on Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card and Veteran's Affairs Pensioner Concession Card introduced on 1/7/2000.


  • 6/2001: Guides to the School Transport Assistance Scheme Version 3 published.
  • 9/2001: School Transport Safety Task Force Report delivered.


  • School Bus Upgrade Scheme (School Bus) commenced.
  • Class E transferred to the Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme on 1/1/2002.
  • Policy and Budget for students with disabilities transport transferred to Education Queensland on 1/7/2002.


    • Assistance extended to students attending the Prep Year Trials.
    • Seat belt trial commenced in Environment 3 areas on 12 buses throughout the state.
    • Standees not permitted on certain very steep and long steep downgrades by Gazette notice.

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