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Rosie and Wallace story books

This series of 30 virtual books promotes student interaction in the classroom and is also designed to support use on interactive whiteboards. The books contain many frequently used sight words and are sequenced from simple text and repetitive sentence patterns to longer stories with more complex sentence structures. The books contain recounts and stories of Rosie the rosella and her best friend Wallace the wallaby. The books have been written to encourage and support students' use of picture and context clues and letter-sound knowledge, suitable for Early Phase students.

The Rosie and Wallace books are also available in PDF format.

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The house on the hill
6. The house on the hill
Here is, there is
7. Here is, there is
Damper, butter and jam
8. Damper, butter and jam
He ran, she ran
9. He ran, she ran
Rosie is hiding
10. Rosie is hiding
Down by the bay
13. Down by the bay
Tins of paint
14. Tins of paint
The cubby house
15. The cubby house
First day at school
16. First day at school
The sandwich
17. The sandwich
The eclipse
18. The eclipse
A gift for bluey
19. A gift for bluey
Rosie draws a picture
20. Rosie draws a picture
Wallace makes a speech
21. Wallace makes a speech
Where is bluey?
22. Where is bluey?
Rosie hits her head
23. Rosie hits her head
Rosie at the vet's
24. Rosie at the vet's
Lots of letters
26. Lots of letters
The bush museum
27. The bush museum
Who painted the trees?
28. Who painted the trees?
Rosie's diary
29. Rosie's diary

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19 March 2013