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Premier's Reading Challenge booklists 2010

Students are not restricted to books listed for their particular year level, and may select books suitable for their particular level of reading ability.

Prep to Year 1 | Year 1 to Year 3 | Year 3 to Year 5 | Year 5 to Year 7

Prep - Year 1

This list contains picture books that support the development of pre-reading and early reading strategies. Prep to Year 1 students can read independently and/or 'experience' these books. 'Experiencing' a book can include a range of classroom or home activities such as shared reading, listening and reading along with a text, or being read to. A print friendly version (new window 282K Adobe PDF document ) of this list can be downloaded.

Students, parents/caregivers and/or teachers may choose books from these lists, but it is not mandatory.

Title Author Fiction/NF/other
The ABC book of animals Martin, H; Simpson, J; Bowman, A NF
The ABC book of lullabies ABC Books NF
All pigs are beautiful King-Smith, Dick; Jeram, Anita (illus) NF
Cottonwool Colin Willis, Jeanne; Ross, Tony F
Diary of a wombat French, Jackie; Whatley, Bruce (illus) F
Dinosnore! Bendall-Brunello, John F
Does a kangaroo have a mother too? Carle, Eric NF
Eat your peas Gray, Kes; Sharratt, Nick F
Going for kalta : hunting for sleepy lizards at Yalata Edwards, Yvonne; Day, Brenda NF
Goodnight, baby bat Gliori, Debi F
Have you ever seen a Sneep? Pym, Tasha; Stewart, Joel (illus) F
Hey, Cat! Arena, Felice F
How absurd! Wheeler, Beck F
I am too absolutely small for school : featuring Charlie and Lola. Child, Lauren F
I love birthdays Walker, Anna F
Leaf : ideas, sound effects and pictures King, Stephen Michael F
Little Blue Chapman, Gaye F
Little brothers are... Norling, Beth F
Little Humpty Wild, Margaret; James, Ann F
The little red fish Yoo, Taeeun F
Me and you Holmes, Janet A; Rossell, Judith F
Miss Llewellyn-Jones Forrestal, Elaine; Court, Moira (illus) F
The naked penguin Lardner, Kym; Lardner, Oliver (illus) F
Nudge's tale McKelvey, Bridgette F
Number crunching Warren, Kathleen; Carter, Karen (illus) NF
One of those days Heffernan, John; Perkins, Gwyn F
Our granny Wild, Margaret; Vivas, Julie (illus) F
Parsley Rabbit's book about books Watts, Frances; Legge, David NF
People and places Austin, Debbie NF
The Polar express Van Allsburg, Chris F
Queenie the bantam Graham, Bob F
Roar : talk to the wild animals Lester, Alison NF
Ruby makes a friend Burke, Tina F
Sheep in wolves' clothing Kitamura, Satoshi F
Shoes from grandpa Fox, Mem; Mullins, Patricia (illus) F
Sophie's big bed Burke, Tina F
These are my hands Horacek, Judy F
Tom Tom Sullivan, Rosemary; Huxley, Dee F
Too tight, Benito! Brian, Janeen; Rossell, Judith F
Wendy Gordon, Gus F
What shall I make? Nayar, Nandini; Roy, Proiti (illus) F
Where the wild things are Sendak, Maurice F
A year on our farm McLean, Andrew; Matthews, Penny (illus) F

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Last reviewed
8 March 2011
Last updated
8 March 2011