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Premier's Reading Challenge 2015 - Early childhood booklist

Reading to children as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

This list contains picture books that support the development of pre-reading and early reading strategies. While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Children in approved kindergarten programs and long day care centres can ‘experience’ these books through activities during the participation period (15 to 28 August 2015). For further information go to the Premier’s Reading Challenge website.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 432 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Allen, Emma; Sommerville, Hannah (illus) Grandma, the baby and me JF 29 New baby;
Allen, Pamela Fat Ferdie JF 28 Rhyming story;
Allen, Pamela One Sunday JF 30 Grandparents;
Blabey, Aaron The brothers Quibble JF 30 New baby; Siblings
Blabey, Aaron Pig the pug JF 21 Rhyming story;
Bland, Nick The wrong book JF 27 Storytelling
Brereton, Choechoe; Harris, Wayne (illus) A house for Donfinkle JF 32 Rhyming story
Burningham, John Mr Gumpy's outing JF 32 Animal story
Carnavas, Peter; Chadwick, Kat (illus) What's in my lunchbox? JF 32 Humorous story;
Cox, Tania; Broekstra, Loretta (illus) My dad and me JF 23 Rhyming story;
Cummings, Phil; Swan, Owen Anzac biscuits JF 32 Anzac story
Dubosarsky, Ursula Too many elephants in this house JF 32 Humorous story
Fox, Mem; Mullins, Patricia Hattie and the fox JF 32 Farm animals
French, Jackie; deGennaro, Sue (illus) The hairy-nosed wombats find a new home JF 27 Conservation; Australian animals
French, Jackie; Rycroft, Nina (illus) Dinosaurs love cheese JF 32 Humorous story;
French, Vivian; Ahlberg, Jessica (illus) Yucky worms NF 28 Gardening; Grandparents
Gleeson, Libby; Blackwood, Freya Go to sleep Jessie JF 34 New baby; Siblings
Hunter, Kate; Masciullo, Lucia (illus) A curry for Murray JF 31 Cooking; Neighbours
Kirk, Joe; Casey, Greer; Harrold, Sandi (illus) Karana: the story of the father emu [Wakka Wakka series] JF 22 Australian animals; Aboriginal folklore
Kwaymullina, Ambelin How frogmouth found her home JF 30 Australian animals
Kwaymullina, Blaze; Morgan, Sally (illus) Helping little star JF 22 Australian animals
Lalara, Rhoda; Lalara, Alfred (illus) Yirruwa yirrilikenuma-langwa / When we go walkabout JF 28 Indigenous picture book;
Lionni, Leo Leo Lionni's 123 NF 14 Lift the flap; Counting
Mahy, Margaret; Bixley, Donovan (illus) Dashing dog JF 32 Rhyming story;
Martin, Bill; Carle, Eric (illus) Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? JF 26 Endangered animals
Martin, Helen; Simpson, Judith; Orsini, Cheryl (illus) The ABC book of seasons NF 26 Seasons; Weather
Morgan, Sally;  Kwaymullina, Ambelin (illus) Bush bash! JF 25 Counting book; Australian animals
Riddle, Tohby My uncle's donkey JF 32 Humorous story;
Sarra, Chris; Children of Cherbourg State School (illus) Dingoes are not dogs JF 28 Dogs; Friendship
Savery, Annabel Fire engine [Working wheels] NF 32 Fire engines
Sperring, Mark; Warburton, Sarah Max and the won't go to bed show JF 32 Humorous story;
Tullet, Herve Mix it up! NF 63 Art; 
Waddell, Martin; Firth, Barbara (illus) Can't you sleep, Little Bear? JF 32 Fear;
Walker, Anna Hurry up Alfie JF 24 Crocodiles; Dawdling
Walker, Anna Peggy JF 32 Home;
Watts, Frances; Legge, David (illus) Kisses for daddy JF 28 Parents;
Whiten, Jan; Hanley, Sinead (illus) Chooky-doodle-doo JF 22 Rhyming story; Counting 
Wild, Margaret; Wood, Ben (illus) The bush book club JF 32 Australian animals
Willems, Mo The pigeon needs a bath JF 38 Humorous story;
Young, Damon; Carnavas, Peter (illus) My pop is a pirate JF 32 Rhyming story;


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24 April 2015
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24 April 2015