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Premier's Reading Challenge 2015 - Year 3 to Year 5 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 424 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Anderson, Gerry; Bellamy, Frank (illus) Thunderbirds: the comic collection. Volume one [Classic comics  Thunderbirds series] F 47 Graphic novel;
Science fiction
Base, Graeme The last king of Angkor Wat
F  35 Animals;
Bauer, Michael Gerard; Bauer, Joe (illus) The case of the really, really scary things [Secret agent Derek ‘Danger’ Dale series]
F 122 Humorous story;
Secret agent
Blake, Chris Stone age rampage
F 176 Time travel;
Stone age
Branford, Anna;
Davis, Sarah (illus)
Violet Mackerel's helpful suggestion
F 109 Friendship
Brown, Jeffrey Return of the Padawan [Star Wars. Jedi Academy series]
F 192 Graphic novel;
Science fiction
Carvell, Catherine; Parkinson, Michael Scott (illus) Darcy Moon and the deep-fried frogs
F 123 Frogs;
Cormick, Craig; Hope, Bill (illus) Benji the buccaneer [Little rockets series]
F 98 Pirates
Cotton, Tilney Little chef, big curse
F 210 Sorcery;
D'Ath, Justin Animal planet [Lost World Circus series]
F 226 Circus;
Daddo, Andrew Ned [Stuff happens series]
F 90 School story;
Darlison, Aleesah Ash Rover: the keeper of the phoenix [Ash Rover series]
F 268 Adventure;
Mythical animals
Do, Anh; Faber, Jules (illus) WeirDo 2: even weirder! [Weirdo series]
F 150 Humorous story
Dubosarsky, Ursula; Denton, Terry (illus) Talkative tombstone [Cryptic casebook of Coco Carlomagno (and Alberta) series]
F 96 Mystery
Dudgeon, Laura;  Gibbs, Tracey (illus) Lilli and Shadow in trouble [Waarda series for young readers]
F 45 Australian story;
Fienberg, Anna; Fienberg,  Barbara; Kelly, Geoff (illus) Tashi and the wicked magician: and other stories.
F 89 Fantasy;
Fornasier, Kylie; Jellett, Tom (illus) The ugg boot war [Mates series]
F 53 Humorous story;
French, Jackie; Wilson, Mark (illus) Birrung the secret friend [The secret histories series]
F 135 Australian history;
Harvey, Jacqueline Clementine Rose and the seaside escape [Clementine Rose series]
F 148 Adventure;
Hölzl, Lisa Found and made: the art of upcycling
NF 79 Recycling;
Knife & Packer Meet the Piratesons [Freak Street  series]
F 92 Family relations;
Lloyd, Alison Bushranger's boys: 1841: do you dare? [Do you dare? series]
F 163 Historical fiction;
Loughlin, Patrick; Ziersch, Nahum (illus) Chip and chase [Billy Slater series]
F 126 Rugby league
Millard, Glenda; Lesnie, Phil Once a shepherd F 22 WWI;
Family relations
Morpurgo, Michael; Clark, Emma Chichester (illus) Pinocchio
F 265 Puppets
Murphy, Sally; Evans, Gabriel (illus) Roses are blue
F 101 Mothers;
O'Hely, Eileen; McKenzie, Heath (illus) The Catier Emerald [Kitten Kaboodle series]
F 142 Adventure;
Pastis, Stephan Now look what you've done [Timmy Failure series]
F 275 Detective story
Perry, Chrissie Project best friend [Penelope Perfect series]
F 134 School story;
Pilkey, Dav; Santat, Dan (illus) Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot [Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot series]
F 106 Graphic novel;
Prince, Scott; Hartley, Dave Rising star [Deadly D & Justice Jones series]
F 191 Rugby league;
Rushby, Allison How to save the universe in 10 easy steps F 281 Humorous story;
Stafford, Mark Sydney Cove: through time [Go facts Australia: through time series] NF 20 Australian history;
Storer, Jen; Robertson, Claire (illus) Freaked! [Truly Tan series] F 238 Family relations;
Wagner, Michael; Denton, Terry (illus) Knockout! [Maxx Rumble soccer series] F 57 Soccer
Wallace, Adam; Hart, James (illus) Accidentally awesome! F 69 Humorous story
Wang, Gabrielle; Masciullo, Lucia (illus) Meet Pearlie [Our Australian girl: Pearlie: 1941 series] F 117 WWII;
Wheeler, Samantha Spud & Charli F 153 Adventure;
Whiteside, Stephen The billy that died with its boots on and other Australian verse NF 154 Australian poetry
Yousafzai, Malala Malala Yousafzai: a girl with a book [Great speeches series] NF 23 Speeches;


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24 April 2014
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24 April 2014