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Premier's Reading Challenge 2016 - Year 5 to Year 7 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

  • Year 5 to Year 7 books in the library catalogue

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 152 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title F/NF Pages Theme
Baddiel, David; Field, Jim (illus) The parent agency: pick your perfect mum and dad
F 380 Humour; Families
Bancks, Tristan My life and other massive mistakes [My life series]
F 187 Humour
Bell, Cece; Lasky, David (illus) El deafo
NF 233 Friendship; Graphic novel; Autobiography
Cece, Adam; Streich, Michel (illus) Wesley Booth super sleuth
F 264 Mystery; School story
Di Fiore, Mariangela; Hodnefjeld, Hilde (illus) Elephant man
F 46 Biographical fiction
Drummond, Allan; Lumsden, Glenn (illus); Williams, Dave (illus) Banjo Paterson [Aussie notables series]
NF 88 Biography
Drummond, Allan; Fasolino, Peter (illus) Peter Lalor
NF 77 Biography; Australian history
Flanagan, John The Tournament at Gorlan [Ranger’s apprentice. The early years series]
F 384 Adventure
Forsyth, Kate Battle of the heroes [The impossible quest series]
F 188 Fantasy; Heroes and heroines
Gouldthorpe, Peter The white mouse: the story of Nancy Wake
NF 38 Australian stories; War; Biography
Hall, Tiffiny Maxi and the magical money tree
F 262 Australian stories; Morals and ethics
Hawke, Rosanne Kelsey and the quest of the porcelain doll
F 153 Cultural relations; Grandparents
Heath, Jack 300 minutes of danger
F 187 Action; Thriller; Short stories
Ivanhoff, George Emergency echo [Royal Flying Doctor Service series]
F 163 Adventure; Survival
Jinks, Catherine Theophilus Grey and the demon thief
F 307 Spies; Historical fiction
Jinks, Catherine Theophilus Grey and the traitor’s mask
F 304 Spies; Historical fiction
Kirby, Denise 88 Lime Street: the way in
F 260 Mystery
Krisp, Caleb; Kelly, John (illus) Anyone but Ivy Pocket [Ivy Pocket series]
F 321 Humour; Mystery
Lochel, Nicholas; Lochel, Alison; Sundberg, Minna (illus) The Fyrelit tragedy [Zarkora series]
F 273 Fantasy
Mandela, Nelson Nelson Mandela – freedom: speeches after release from prison [Great speeches series]
NF 23 Speeches; South Africa
Mears, Gillian; Dabarera, Dinalie (illus) The cat with the coloured tail
F 77 Adventure; Fantasy
Moloney, James Bridget: a new Australian [New Australian series]
F 247 Historical fiction; Adventure
Moloney, James Disappearing act
F 181 Mystery; Adventure; Magic
Morpurgo, Michael Listen to the moon
F 341 War; Relationships
Murray, Martine Molly and Pim and the millions of stars
F 224 Fantasy; Magic
Nix, Garth; Williams, Sean Blood ties [Spirit animals series]
F 224 Fantasy
Rodda, Emily Shadows of the master [Star of Deltora series]
F 170 Fantasy; Adventure
Spratt, R. A. Big trouble [Friday Barnes series]
F 257 Mystery; Adventure
Storer, Jen; Gifford, Lucinda (illus) The fourteenth summer of Angus Jack
F 325 Fantasy
Storer, Jen; Robertson, Claire (illus) Freaked! [Truly Tan series]
F 238 Mystery
Tait, A. L. Race to the end of the world [Mapmaker chronicles series]
F 239 Fantasy; Adventure
Tanner, Lian Fetcher’s song [Hidden series]
F 352 Fantasy; Adventure
Tucker, Alan 1916 [Australia’s great war series]
F 315 Historical fiction; War stories
West, Cathy; Campbell, Gavin (illus) Hip hop [Starstruck series]
NF 36 Dance
West, Ella Night vision
F 179 Crime; Thriller
Wheeler, Samantha Mister Cassowary
F 170 Australian animals; Grandparents
Wilson, Tony Jack [Stuff happens series]
F 89 School; Deception
Wood, Maryrose; Klassen, Jon (illus) The hidden gallery [The incorrigible children of Ashton Place series]
F 313 Humour; Mystery
Wood, Maryrose; Klassen, Jon (illus) The mysterious howling [The incorrigible children of Ashton Place series]
F 267 Humour; Mystery
Zaslavsky, Alice; Chadwick, Kat (illus) Alice’s food A-Z: edible adventures
NF 143 Cooking


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26 April 2016
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26 April 2016