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2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge - Prep to Year 1 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

This list contains picture books that support the development of pre-reading and early reading strategies. Prep to Year 1 students can read independently and/or ‘experience’ these books. ‘Experiencing’ a book can include a range of classroom or home activities such as shared reading, listening and reading along with a text, or being read to.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 282 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title and book summary JF/F/NF Pages Theme ISBN
Antony, Steve I’ll wait, Mr Panda JF 32 Patience; Manners 9781444916669
Baker, Jeannie Circle NF 32 Animals; Birds; Ecology 9781406338010
Bentley, Jonathan Where is Bear? JF 32 Humour; Bears 9781760122911
Blabey, Aaron Pig the winner [Pig the pug series] JF 32 Competition; Behaviour; Humour 9781760154288
Black, Jess; Treml, Renee (illus) Moon dance JF 32 Australian animals; Rhyming text 9781760150525
Brian, Janeen; Johns, Cheryll (illus) Silly squid! Poems about the sea NF 32 Poetry; Marine animals 9781742990965
Bright, Rachel; Field, Jim (illus) The koala who could JF 32 Anxiety; Overcoming fears; Change 9781408331637
Browne, Anthony Willy and the cloud [Willy the chimp series] JF 32 Anxiety; Overcoming fears 9781406366969
Caisley, Raewyn; Blair, Karen (illus) Something wonderful JF 32 Inventions; Discovery; Imagination 9780670078455
Chambers, Susannah; Jackson, Mark (illus) The snow wombat JF 32 Australian animals; Home; Rhyming text 9781760113810
Crumble, P.; Eckstrom, N. (illus) Me and Moo & Roar too [Me and Moo series] JF 24 Imagination; Play 9781760156930
Crumble, P.; Gifford, Lucinda (illus) The cat wants custard JF 32 Humour; Cats 9781760155780
Dr Seuss Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories JF 48 Humour; Imagination; Behaviour 9780008131272
Escoffier, Michael; Di Giacomo, Kris (illus) Take away the A: an alphabeast of a book NF 64 Alphabet; Vocabulary; Language 9781783443444
Fairgray, Richard (illus); Jones, Terry Gorillas in our midst JF 32 Humour; Animals; Gorillas 9781775433613
Greenberg, Nicki My dog Dash JF 32 Humour; Pets 9781760110673
Guillain, Charlotte; Dorado, Steve (illus) Why the spider has long legs [Folk tales from around the world] NF 24 Folktales 9781406281354
Hathorn, Libby; Chapman, Gay (illus) Incredibilia JF 24 Imagination; Play; Family; Siblings 9781760125257
Higgins, Ryan T. Mother Bruce JF 39 Humour; Family; Animals 9781484730881
Hobbs, Leigh Mr Chicken arriva a Roma [Mr Chicken series] JF 32 Travel; Rome; History 9781925266771
Holmes, Janet A.; Bentley, Jonathan (illus) Blue sky yellow kite JF 32 Emotions; Friendship; Courage 0781760124229
Horáček, Petr The greedy goat JF 32 Farm animals; Goats; Greed; Humour 9781406367164
Jarvis Alan’s big scary teeth JF 32 Animals; Humour; Friendship; Self esteem 9781406361124
John, Jory; Davies, Benji I love you already! JF 32 Friendship; Humour; Love 9780008165994
Kipling, Rudyard; Milbourne, Anna (retold); Joven, John (illus) How the elephant got his trunk JF 32 Animals; Elephants 9781474918497
Kitchin, Ben; Fieldhouse, Vicky (illus) How many dinosaurs deep? JF 32 Swimming; Overcoming fears 9781925059731
MacIver, Juliette; Baynton, Terri Rose (illus) Gwendolyn! JF 32 Animals; Jungle; Antarctica; Home 9780733335174
Martin, Helen; Simpson, Judith; Orsini, Cheryl (illus) The ABC book of food NF 32 Food 9780733334276
Morgan, Sally; Erzinger, Tania (illus) Dingo in the dark JF 32 Australian animals; Overcoming fears 9781742990972
Neil, Christopher Silas Everyone JF 32 Emotions 9781406368420
Newman, Paul; Jellett, Tom (illus) Grandpa’s big adventure JF 32 Family; Swimming; Grandfathers 9780670078172
O’Byrne, Nicola The last book before bedtime JF 48 Fairy tales; Humour 9780857634283
Paul, Ruth What’s the time, dinosaur? JF 32 Games; Time; Rhyming text 9781775433194
Poitier, Anton Who's next? Guess who! NF 32 Animals; Picture puzzles 9781760403133
Savage, Steven The mixed-up truck JF 32 Self-esteem; Resilience; Persistence 9781626721531
Smith, Lane There is a tribe of kids JF 32 Language; Collective nouns; Belonging 9781509812882
Stead, Philip; Stead, Erin E. (illus) Lenny & Lucy JF 48 Resilience; Friendship; Overcoming fears 9781760292119
Sutton, Sally; Parton, Daron (illus) Zoo train JF 32 Zoo animals; Trains 9781922179876
Szymanik, Melinda; Bixley, Donovan (illus) Fuzzy doodle JF 32 Language; Imagination; Life cycles 9781775432500
Toft, Kim Michelle; adapted from lyrics by Arthur Hamilton. I can swim a rainbow [Adapted from the song, I can sing a rainbow] NF 48 Marine animals; Colour; Coral reefs; Conservation 9780994238801
Walsh, Melanie Isaac and his amazing Asperger superpowers! JF 32 Autism; Asperger Syndrome 9781406344455
Young, Damon; Carnavas, Peter (illus) My sister is a superhero [Companion to My Nanna is a ninja and My Pop is a pirate] JF 32 Family; Siblings; Rhyming text 9780702253928


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5 May 2017
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