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2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge - Year 1 to Year 3 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 289 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title and book summary JF/F/NF Pages Theme ISBN
Acton, Sara As big as you JF 29 Elephants; Families; 9781743629697
Axelsen, Stephen The Nelly gang [The adventures of Nelly Nolan series] F 45 Bushrangers; Graphic novel; Goldfields 9781921977916
Bell, Hilary; Pesenti, Antonia (illus) Numerical Street JF 28 Counting; Rhyme; Shops 9781742232287
Bell, Krista; Elliott, Belinda (illus) Jack’s bugle JF 32 Anzac story; Gallipoli 9781922081292
Blabey, Aaron Busting! JF 24 Humour; Rhyme; Toilets 9781743812389
Blabey, Aaron Don’t call me bear! JF 24 Australian animals 9781760159849
Bland, Nick The fabulous friend machine JF 30 Friendship; Mobile phones 9781760277659
Brian, Janeen; Adams, Matt (illus) Meet… Ned Kelly [Meet… series] NF 32 Bushrangers 9781742757186
Cahill, Tim & Gray, Julian; McKenzie, Heath (illus) Living the dream! [Tiny Timmy series] F 124 Soccer 9781760273651
Cary, Gemma; Viana, Tatio & Bijloo, Adrian (illus) When I grow up I’m going to play for the Queensland Maroons JF 29 Boys; Imagination; Rugby Union 9781743409206
Collin, Chris E.; Kitchin, Megan (illus) Funky chicken: chooks in space JF 32 Space exploration; Belonging; Humour 9780987450791
Costain, Meredith; McDonald, Danielle (illus) Pony school showdown [Ella diaries series] F 143 Friendship; Horses; Humour 9781760157166
Crumble, P.; Eckstrom, Nathaniel (illus) Me and Moo JF 23 Imagination; Friendship 9781743625330
Dickens, Rosie Coding for beginners using Scratch NF 95 Computer games; Computer programming 9781409599357
Do, Ahn Hotdog! F 122 Animals; Humour; Friendship 9781760279004
Dreise, Gregg Silly birds JF 26 Listening; Indigenous picture book 9781922142993
Dubosarsky, Ursula; White, Annie (illus) Ethan eats JF 24 Dinner; Food preferences 9780734413987
Field, John; Legge, David (illus) Why is that emu wearing one red shoe? JF 24 Australian animals; Song; Rhyme 9781760154493
Fox, Mem; Austin, Mike (illus) Nellie Belle JF 30 Poetry; Dogs; Rhyme 9781760274108
George, Angela May; Swan, Owen (illus) Out JF 32 Families; Refugees 9781743629000
Germein, Katrina; Jellett, Tom (illus) My dad thinks he’s funny JF 27 Fathers; Humour 9781922244468
Gleeson, Libby; Blackwood, Freya (illus) The necklace and the present [The Cleo stories series] F 54 Birthdays; Imagination 9781743315279
Graham, Bob Vanilla ice cream JF 36 Travel; Curiosity 9781406350098
Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry (illus) Ed and Ted and Ted’s dog Fred F 26 Dogs; Nonsense verses; Rhyme 9781742613000
Harmer, Wendy; Edmonds, Andrea (illus) Accidental adventurer [Ava Anne Appleton series] F 90 Adventure 9781742838755
Harvey, Jacqueline Clementine Rose and the movie magic [Clementine Rose series] F 144 Acting; Films 9780857985187
Hope, Charles Cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons [Extreme weather series] NF 21 Cyclones; Storms 9781742032887
Knife & Packer Meet the Robotsons [Freak Street series] F 92 Humour; Robots 9781760150075
Martin, Carol Ann; Wood, Ben (illus) Underneath a cow JF 29 Farm animals 9781742990880
McCartney, Tania; Joyner, Andrew (illus) Australian kids through the years NF 52 Social history; Children 9780642279002
McFarlane, Susannah; Stagg, Dyani (illus) Puppy alert [EJ spy school series] F 42 Spies; Rescue work; Dogs 9781921931635
McKimmie, Christopher Me, Teddy JF 31 Dogs; Animal story 9781760291334
Morgan, Sally; Kwaymullina, Ezekiel; Smith, Craig (illus) One rule for Jack F 55 Boys; Family life; Responsibility 9781742990330
Novak, B. J. The book with no pictures F 45 Books and reading; Humour 9780141361789
Park, Mac Rock mutant [Boy vs beast series] F 63 Battles; Computer games 9781921931680
Pilkey, Dav Dog Man unleashed [Dog Man series] F 220 Cats; Dogs; Graphic novel; Heroes 9780545935203
Poshoglian, Yvette; McDonald, Danielle (illus) Zoo rescue [Ella and Olivia series] F 62 Zoos; Penguins 9781760157203
Regan, Fiona; Shea, Louis (illus) Prank alert [Double trouble series] F 63 School stories; Humour 9781742838564
Riley, Kathy; Australian Geographic Australia's most extreme : the biggest, fastest, toughest, smartest creatures! [Australia’s most series] NF 32 Australian animals; Animal behaviour 9781742456614
Rogers, Gregory Omar the strongman JF 32 Circus; Performers 9781742834368
Stanton, Beck; Stanton, Matt Did you take the b from my _ook? [Books that drive kids crazy! series] JF 33 Alphabets; Humour 9780733334832
Stilton, Geronimo; Bufi, Ennio; Andolfo, Mirka (illus) The first samurai [Geronimo Stilton graphic novel series] F 54 Cats; Graphic novel; Japan; Mice 9781629911816
Storer, Jen; Vane, Mitch (illus) Danny Best: full on [Danny Best series] F 300 Boys; Friendship 9780733333330
Temple, Jol & Temple, Kate; Foye, Jon (illus) Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers Third Grade F 160 Relationships; Adventure story; Captain James Cook 9781760291938
Temple, Jol & Temple, Kate; Foye, Jon (illus) Mike I don’t like JF 30 Rhyme; Emotions 9780733333255
Tyson, Venetia My lost mob JF 32 Emus; Indigenous picture book 9781922142917


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5 May 2017
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5 May 2017