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Premier's Reading Challenge 2017 - Year 3 to Year 5 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 299 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title F/NF Pages Theme ISBN
Bancks, Tristan My life and other weaponised muffins [My life series] F 208 Humour; School stories 9780143781066
Bates, Diane (selector) Our home is dirt by sea NF 128 Poetry 9781925081190
Blabey, Aaron Apocalypse meow [The Bad Guys series] F 140 Cats; Humour; Villains 9781760158774
Bott, Adrian C.; Isaac, Andy (illus) The Grabbam getaway [Axel and Beast series] F 135 Gaming; Adventure; Action 9781760127800
Burgis, Stephanie; Harris, Freya (illus) The dragon with a chocolate heart F 256 Dragons; Adventure; Chocolate 9781408880319
Cahill, Tim Kids’ World Cup [Tiny Timmy series] F 124 Sport; Soccer 9781760273668
Clark, Sherryl with Perry, Ellyse Pocket rocket [Ellyse Perry Series] F 146 Sport; Cricket; Biography 9780143781240
Cormick, Craig Valdur the Viking and the ghostly Goths F 115 Vikings; Ghosts; Adventure; Humorous stories 9781925272420
Do, Anh Hotdog! F 122 Humour; Animal stories 9781760279004
Estela, Lucy; Ottley, Matt (illus) Suri’s wall F 30 Imagination; Refugees; Friendship 9780670077755
Fienberg, Anna Wicked’s way F 288 Adventure; Humour; Sea stories 9781743319901
Fisher, Isla; Ceulemans, Eglantine (illus) Marge in charge F 167 Humour; Family; Short stories 9781848125339
Foley, James Brobot F 112 Humour; Siblings; Graphic novel 9781925163919
Garth, Claire Grover finds a home [Grover McBane series] F 88 Animal stories; Emotions 9781863958134
Gibbes, Lesley; King, Stephen Michael Fizz and the show dog jewel thief [Fizz series] F 80 Mystery; Detectives; Animals 9781760112882
Gleitzman, Morris Toad delight F 131 Fantasy; Animal stories; Adventure stories 9780143309239
Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry (illus) The 78-storey treehouse: Movie opening night [Treehouse series] F 374 Film making; Humour; Friendship 9781743535004
Harding, David; Folau, Izzy; Fosdike, James (illus) Standing tall F 151 Sport competitions; Rugby Union 9780857986672
Harvey, Jacqueline Alice-Miranda in China [Alice-Miranda series] F 355 Mystery; Culture; School stories 9780857985200
Harvey, Jacqueline Clementine Rose and the Paris puzzle [Clementine Rose series] F 144 Travel; Mystery 9780857987884
Harvey, Roland On the river F 31 Adventure; Picture book; Rivers 9781760112455
Heath, Jack Shockwave [Countdown to danger series] F 139 Surfing; Suspense; Survival 9781760159634
Heiss, Anita; Goodes, Adam; O’Loughlin, Michael Kicking goals with Goodesy and Magic NF 83 Sport; AFL; Autobiography 9781863958530
Helliar, Peter Frankie Fish and the sonic suitcase F 300 Humour; Adventure 9781760128494
Hobbs, Leigh The big book of Mr Badger F 294 Humour; Adventure; Short stories 9781760112431
Ingram, Tania Jinny & Cooper search for the sea bogle [Jinny & Cooper series] F 126 Humour; Mystery 9780143309215
Ivanoff, George; Wood, Ben (illus.) Meet… the Flying Doctors [Meet… series] NF 32 Australian history; Aviation; Medical care 9780143780687
Jennings, Paul; Smith, Craig (illus) The unforgettable What's His Name F 213 Humour; Adventure; Belonging 9781760290856
Jolly, Jane; Ingpen, Robert(illus) Radio rescue! F 36 Action; Family 9780642278784
Jones, J. C. Run, Pip, run F 193 Social issues; Family; Survival 9781743319222
Katz, Danny; Vane, Mitch (illus) Triple snack pack [Little lunch series] F 121 School stories; Humorous stories 9781925381276
Knapp, Kate Ruby Red Shoes goes to London [Ruby Red Shoes series] F 44 Family; Travel 9780732297626
MacDonald, Alan; Roberts, David (illus) Aliens! [Dirty Bertie series] F 96 Humour 9781760279936
McMullin, Neridah; McLean, Andrew (illus) Fabish: the horse that braved the bushfire NF 32 Animal stories; Mystery 9781925266863
Morgan, Sally; Smith, Craig (illus) Born to sing F 53 Singing ; Whales 9781742991511
Murphy, Aunty Joy; Kennedy, Lisa (illus) Welcome to Country NF 24 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; Sense of place 9781922244871
Murphy, Sally Sage Cookson’s fishy surprise [Sage Cookson series] F 60 Mystery; Suspense; Friendship 9781925059755
Oliver, Jo The dreaming tree NF 26 Australian poetry; Lifestyles; Landscapes 9781925059489
Penguin Random House Australia; Faber, Jules (illus) Dog stories F 179 Animal stories; Humour; Mystery 9781925059755
Pung, Alice Marly walks on the moon [Our Australian girl series] F 124 Family; School stories; Performing arts 9780143308522
Roxburgh, Richard Artie and the Grime wave F 240 Adventure; Humour; Family 9781760292140
Shanahan, Lisa The grand, genius summer of Henry Hoobler F 224 Friendship; Adventure; Personality 9781760293017
Smith, Jane Shoot-out at the rock [Tommy Bell bushranger boy series] F 75 Australian history; Time travel; Bushrangers 9781925275940
Spratt, R. A. The plot thickens [Friday Barnes series] F 234 School stories; Mystery; Detectives 9780857989932
Walliams, David; Ross, Tony (illus) The Midnight Gang F 480 Adventure; Hospitals; Friendship 9780008188573
Warner, David; McGee, J. V.; Faber, Jules (illus) Test match [Kaboom kid series] F 157 Sport; Cricket; Sharing 9781925368185
Whittle, Cate; King, Stephen Michael (illus) Trouble and the missing cat [Trouble series] F 88 Fantasy; Mystery; Animals; Cats 9781742990774
Wild, Ailsa Squishy Taylor and the mess-makers [Squishy Taylor series] F 111 Acting; Adventure; Mystery 9781760126780


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5 May 2017
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5 May 2017