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Premier's Reading Challenge 2017 - Year 5 to Year 7 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 282 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title F/NF Pages Theme ISBN
Abela, Deborah Stupendously spectacular spelling bee F 232 Courage; Dreams 9781925324822
Adams, Michael The seven signs [Skyfire series] F 187 Suspense; Mystery 9781743628010
Banks, Angelica A week without Tuesday [Tuesday McGillycuddy adventure series] F 391 Magic; Mystery 9781760110376
Brian, Janeen; Murphy, Claire (illus) Meet… Nellie Melba [Meet… series] NF 32 Australian story; Picture book; Biography 9780143780298
Callaghan, Chris; Lalalimola (illus) The great chocoplot F 238 Humour; Adventure 9781910002513
Clark, Sherryl Pocket rocket [Ellyse Perry series] F 141 Girls in sport 9780143781240
Cleave, Rohan; Tulloch, Coral (illus) Phasmid, saving the Lord Howe Island stick insect NF 32 Endangered creatures; Insects; Conservation 9781486301126
Cosgrove, Matt Snow Man and the seven ninjas [Epic fail tales series] F 92 Fantasy; Humour 9781743811696
Earls, Nick; Whidborne, Terry (illus) War of the word hunters [Word hunter series] F 319 Fantasy; Adventure 9780702249594
Do, Ahn; Faber, Jules (illus) WeirDo [WeirDo Series] F 136 Humour; School story 9781742837581
Falkner, Brian The most boring book in the world F 286 Mystery 9780994456779
Farndon, John Rocks, minerals and gems NF 120 Geology; Minerals; Gems 9781742459400
Farndon, John; Hutchinson, Tim (illus) Stuff you should know about the human body NF 80 Human body 9781784937300
Fisher, Isla ; Ceulemans, Eglantine (illus) Marge and the pirate baby [Marge in charge series] F 176 Humour 9781848125933
Flanagan, John The Ghostfaces [Brotherband series] F 386 Adventure; Friendship 9780857980113
Flint, Shamini Ten F 144 Growing up; Soccer 9781760112264
Forsyth, Kate Escape from Wolfhaven Castle, [The impossible quest series] F 192 Fantasy; Adventure 9781743624067
Foxlee, Karen A most magical girl F 304 Fantasy; Mystery; Adventure 9781471405808
Fraillon, Zana The bone sparrow F 240 Refugees 9780734417138
French, Jackie The secret of the black bushranger [The secret histories series] F 176 Historical fiction; Australian story 9780732299453
Gleitzman, Morris Toad rage F 151 Humour; Animal story 9780143308805
Greenwood, Mark Diamond Jack [History mysteries series] F 88 Australian story; WWII; Courage 9780143309260
Greenwood, Mark; Lessac, Frané (illus) Ned Kelly and the green sash NF 39 Australian history; Bushrangers; Biography 9781922244598
Heath, Jack 400 minutes of danger F 201 Thriller; Adventure 9781760158798
Heffernan, John Naveed [Through my eyes series] F 207 Historical fiction; War; Survival 9781743312483
Helliar, Peter; Vamos, Lesley (illus) Frankie Fish and the sonic suitcase F 280 Humour; Time travel; Adventure 9781760128494
Hoge, Robert; Stathopoulos, Nick (illus) Ugly: a beaut story about one very ugly kid NF 186 Courage; Autobiography 9780733634338
Ivanoff, George Medical mission [RFDS adventure series] F 182 Outback life; Emergency services 9780857988805
Janu, Tamsin Figgy and the president F 181 Family; Friendship; Adventure 9781742991559
Lochran, Steven The riders of thunder realm [Paladero series] F 320 Fantasy; Mystery; Adventure 9781760124700
Lewis, Robert (with National Museum of Australia) Story of Australia NF 410 Australian history 9780857983145
McCartney, Tania Australia illustrated NF 92 Australian culture; Australia 9781925335217
McConnochie, Mardi Escape to the Moon Islands [Quest of the sunfish series] F 345 Adventure 9781760290917
McHugh, Evan Black Sunday F 252 Historical fiction; Australian stories 9781743627990
Morgan, Sally Sister heart F 192 Stolen Generations; Indigenous story; Verse novel 9781925163131
Murphy, Joy; Kennedy, Lisa (illus) Welcome to Country NF 32 Indigenous culture and customs 9781922244871
Murphy, Sally 1915 [Australia’s Great War series] F 208 War; WWI; Gallipoli campaign 9781743622483
Newsome, Richard The curiosity machine [Billionaire series] F 357 Mystery; Adventure; Friendship 9781925355246
Panckridge, Michael Switch-hit showdown [Big Bash League series] F 144 Cricket 9780143782193
Rossell, Judith Wormwood Mire [Stella Montgomery intrigue series] F 278 Fantasy; Adventure 9780733333019
Rushby, Pamela Sing a rebel song F 226 Australian history; Australian stories 9781742991344
Shanahan, Lisa The grand, genius summer of Henry Hoobler F 216 Adventure; Courage; Friendship 9781760293017
Warner, David; McGee, J.V; Faber, Jules (illus) The big switch [Kaboom kid series] F 158 Cricket 9781925030785
Webster, Allayne Paper planes F 183 War; Historical fiction 9781742990699
Weetman, Nova The secrets we keep F 226 Children; Friendship; Secrets 9780702254215


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