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Premier's Reading Challenge 2017 - Year 7 to Year 9 booklist

Encouraging your students to read as often as possible - not only to learn but also for enjoyment - is a critical element of improving reading for all students.

While there is no compulsory reading list for the Premier's Reading Challenge, a booklist has been developed to help students, teachers, parents and guardians select appropriate reading material. Students may select any suitable books including those on previous years' Premier's Reading Challenge lists.

Note: Hover over the icon View description icon to view description. A print friendly version (PDF, 287 KB) of this list can be downloaded.

Author Title F/NF Pages Theme ISBN
Angus, Sam A horse called Hero F 279 War stories; Horses; Courage 9781447235774
Bauer, Michael Gerard The Pain, my mother, Sir Tiffy, Cyber Boy and me F 263 Single parent families 9781742991504
Caddy, Meg Waer F 320 Fantasy; Battles; Werewolves 9781922182210
Carter, Ally See how they run [Embassy row series] F 318 Murder; Suspense; Secrecy 9781760153571
Castagna, Felicity The incredible here and now F 191 Cultural relations; Australian stories; Adolescents 9781922146366
Chan, Crystal Bird F 295 Family; Death; 9781922147707
Colfer, Eoin The hangman’s revolution [WARP series] F 360 Fantasy; Adventure; Time travel 9780141341804
Condon, Bill All of us together F 158 Great Depression; Family; Australian history 9780994642806
Crew, Gary; O’Sullivan, Paul (illus) The visions of Ichabod X F 36 Exceptional children; Future; Picture book 9781922134547
Crowley, Cath Words in deep blue F 352 Grief; Letter writing; Adolescents 9781742612386
Cunxin, Li Mao’s last dancer [Young readers edition] NF 333 Biography; Cultural relations; Resilience 9780143301646
Dolan, Hugh; Threlfall, Adrian Reg Saunders: an indigenous war hero NF 55 WWII; Aboriginal people; Graphic novel 9781742234243
Ferris, Fleur Black F 276 Superstition; Suspense; Romance 9781925324976
Flanagan, John The Ghostfaces [Brotherband series] F 386 Adventure; Fantasy 9780857980113
Fraillon, Zana The bone sparrow F 234 Refugees; Detention centres; Imagination 9780734417138
French, Jackie If the blood should stain the wattle F 544 Historical fiction; Australian history 9781460753118
Gardner, Scot The way we roll F 197 Social class; Friendship Homelessness; 9781760290399
Gleitzman, Morris Snot chocolate and other funny stories F 162 Short stories; Humour; Reluctant readers 9780143309222
Goes, Peter Timeline: a visual history of our world NF 80 World history; Time 9781776570690
Gwynne, Phillip Take a life [The Debt series] F 480 Quests; Crime; Adventure; 9781742378626
Hawke, Rosanne Dear Pakistan [Beyond borders series] F 176 Cultural relations; Belonging 9781925139549
Herrick, Steven Another night in mullet town F 216 Adolescents; Friendship 9780702253959
Jacobson, Megan Yellow F 259 Ghosts; Alcoholism; Mystery 9780143573333
Jonsberg, Barry My life as an alphabet F 256 Family relations; Individuality; Humour 9781743310977
Kane, Kim When the lyrebird calls F 302 Australian history; Australian federation; Racism 9781741758528
Kostakis, William The sidekicks F 255 Death; Friendship; Secrets 9780143309031
Masson, Sophie Hunter’s moon F 329 Fairy tales; Love; Magic 9780857986030
McKinlay, Meg A single stone F 271 Child labour; Survival 9781925081701
Miles, Chris Spurt: a balls and all story F 253 Adolescents; Puberty; Conformity 9781742974651
Millard, Glenda The stars at Oktober Bend F 288 Child abuse; Epilepsy; Poetry 9781743315897
Moloney, James The beauty is in the walking F 248 Family relations; Friendship; Independence 9780732299941
Morgan, Michelle Flying through clouds F 246 Historical fiction; Australian history; Great Depression 9780995386501
Morgan, Sally Sister heart F 250 Stolen Generations; Indigenous story; Verse novel 9781925163131
Niven, Jennifer All the bright places F 388 Grief; Friendship; Loyalty 9780141357034
Pitt, Darrell A toaster on Mars F 240 Humour; Science fiction; Detectives 9781922182869
Rodda, Emily The Hungry Isle [Star of Deltora series] F 170 Magic; Adventure; Courage 9781742991337
Rowling, J.K.; Thorne, Jack; Tiffany, John Harry Potter and the cursed child F 350 Magic; Family 9780751565355
Russell, Rachel Renee Frenemies forever [Dork diaries series] F 310 Friendship; School story; Reluctant readers 9781471158032
Smale, Holly Head over heels [Geek girl series] F 400 School story; Friendship 9780007574650
Stephens, John The black reckoning [Books of Beginning series] F 432 Magic; Adventure; Time travel 9780385755788
Tarakson, Stella; Morden, Richard (illus) Aliens, ghosts and vanishings: strange and possibly true Australian stories NF 282 Mythology; Mysteries; Australian history 9781925324969
Weetman, Nova Everything is changed F 272 Friendship; Guilt; Accidents 9780702254161
Whamhower, Shogun; McKenzie, Heath (illus) Nerdy ninjas vs the really really scary guys [Nerdy ninjas series] F 123 Humour; Adventure; Reluctant readers 9781742830278
Zorn, Claire One would think the deep F 305 Grief; Relationships; Surfing 9780702253942


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5 May 2017
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5 May 2017