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Prep to Year 3

In the first years of school, children learn through hands-on activities. Your child's teacher will identify what they already know and can do, and will extend their knowledge and skills through new and challenging situations.

An important aim of the Preparatory Year is to build on your child's previous experiences with new and different learning opportunities at school. Teachers help children to connect their home language with spoken and written English used in the classroom and other environments.

Children will learn how to speak in different situations, for example, in play, telling a story, or telling what happened on a picnic or visit to friends or a library. They will learn to understand that printed words have meaning and together words can describe ideas and events and tell a story.

Your child will explore fundamental aspects of mathematics such as 'how many', mass, length, size, shape, sequence, order and patterns.

In Prep classrooms children see a lot of written language and pictures to help them learn about labels, sentences, directions and routines. Materials for writing, painting, drawing and constructing are available to encourage children to use their literacy and numeracy skills.

In Years 1 - 3, children use language and mathematics in increasingly complex and unfamiliar situations.

They learn to use the language necessary for different purposes such as reading and writing stories, lists, recipes and reports, and understanding charts and diagrams.

Children will also explore larger numbers and learn different ways to identify, describe and record their observations and findings. They may use symbols, words, diagrams or pictures, maps, models and flow charts to describe information.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress please contact your child 's teacher.

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