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Improvement plan for teacher quality

10 April 2013

Photo: Photo: iStockphoto/track5

Photo: iStockphoto/track5

Premier Campbell Newman and Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek have unveiled a ground-breaking plan to improve teacher quality and give young Queenslanders the best possible start in life.

Mr Newman said the Great Teachers = Great Results direct action plan would build on the strength of Queensland's existing school funding model and extend the Government's reform agenda to focus on the most important piece of the education system - the teacher.

He said the plan, unveiled on Monday (8 April), would invest $535 million of additional funding in Queensland's schools over its first four years, commencing in 2015.

'Education is central to the economic prosperity of our great state and it creates opportunities for every Queensland student,' Mr Newman said.

'We need to focus every dollar on the things we know work and be prepared to innovate in the pursuit of excellence.

'That's why we have developed an innovative policy backed by research to ensure that we are directing funding to where it is needed most.

'This is about recognising that Queensland is a diverse state and that a one-size-fits-all approach will not unlock Queensland's full potential.'

Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek said teachers played a critical role in the lives of Queensland children.

'International research shows that student outcomes are closely linked to the quality of teaching in the classroom,' Mr Langbroek said. 'A teacher in the top 10 per cent will teach in six months what a teacher in the bottom 10 per cent will teach in a year.

'Up until now we've been unable to identify top teachers. The Great Teachers = Great Resultsinitiative provides us an opportunity to recognise our high-performing teachers as well as reward them with accelerated career pathways.

'The initiative will also encourage high-performing teachers to teach in the classrooms where they're needed most.'

Mr Langbroek said the plan focused on two crucial areas: professional excellence in teaching and boosting school autonomy.

'The initiative consists of 15 actions including a structured annual performance process, mentoring for beginning teachers, accelerated progression and paid postgraduate study for high-performing teachers and fast-tracking autonomy initiatives for schools,' he said.

'We will also enhance discipline powers across the state schooling system and allow the school community to play a greater role in the principal selection process by removing union representatives from selection panels.

'This is about concentrating funding on policies backed with research and challenging the notion that higher funding in itself guarantees success.'

For more information on the Great Teachers = Great Resultsaction plan visit the Department of Education, Training and Employment website.

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