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Signpost - Mistake Creek State School

September 2009

With principal Geraldine Parkes.

Mistake Creek State School

Mistake Creek State School

Where is it?
Mistake Creek State School is a small, one-teacher school in the Mackay-Whitsunday education district, approximately 70 kilometres west of Clermont.

The school is built on 2.7 hectares of the property, Telarah, on a rocky ridge.

When did it open?
January 24, 1983. The enrolment on that day was 14 but rose to 16 within the first week. We now have several second-generation Mistake Creek State School students.

How did the school get its name?
Jeremiah Rolfe, one of the earliest settlers in the area, named Mistake Creek when he discovered his station was not on the Belyando River as he had first assumed but on a tributary.

How many students?
Nine students in Years 1 to 7.

How many staff?
Three - one teaching principal, one administration officer and one teacher aide/cleaner.

How long have you been principal at the school?
Just over 12 months.

What is the best thing about your school?
The beautiful kids and the very hard-working and supportive P&C.

Mistake Creek State School plays an important role within the local community. It is seen as a vital hub for many school and non-school activities.

What is your school's claim to fame?
Our annual fun run and fete. It is a huge community event.

Over the years the school has become a focal point for fundraising events and local community events such as the traditional annual cricket match and tennis days.

What's your school motto?
In Pursuit of Excellence.