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Signpost - Humpybong State School

June 2010

With Principal Sharon Schimming.

Humpybong State School

Humpybong State School.

Where is it?

Humpybong State School is in Margate, a suburb on the Redcliffe Peninsula just north of Brisbane. Our school is right on the beachfront so playground duties have a magnificent vista. Some classrooms have ocean views and provide a wonderful backdrop for the active and engaging learning that happens in our classrooms.

When did it open?

The first Humpy Bong School was opened on February 1 1876 on a site in Elizabeth Avenue near Duffield Road. A new school close to the original site subsequently replaced this school in 1878. This school continued in use until December 1908 when it closed along with the old Redcliffe Provisional School. Humpybong State School reopened on the present site in Ernest Street in March 1909, with children from the Humpy Bong and Redcliffe Provisional Schools. In 1959 the Humpybong State School for Infants was established with Preschool, Year 1 and Year 2 children from Humpybong State School forming the nucleus. Humpybong State (Primary) School catered for children from Year 3 to Year 7 until both schools combined in 1998. In 2001, Humpybong State School celebrated 125 years of quality education.

In 1908 a publication Souvenir of Humpybong (it can be obtained from the Redcliffe Historical Society) sang the praises of the peninsula: 'The exhilarating climatic conditions of Redcliffe, Woody Point and Scarborough cannot be too highly praised. They are little paradises set in the silver sea, where you can breathe God's glorious oxygen and thrill with delight to be alive.

How did it get its name?

This strange delightful word is derived from the Australian Queensland Aboriginal word for 'empty shelter'. The first white settlers in Queensland landed on the western shores of Moreton Bay at Redcliffe. After just a few months it was decided to move the settlement further south to where the city of Brisbane now stands. The settlers' abandoned shelters soon became a curiosity, especially for the local Indigenous traditional landowners, the Ningy Ningy people, who thereafter called the area 'Umpie Bong'; now popularly known as 'Humpybong'.

How many students?
There are currently 750 students enrolled from Prep to Year 7.

How many staff?
A cast of thousands! We have 35 class teachers with the usual compliment of support staff, cleaners, grounds staff, admin officers, and the admin team. That would probably amount to about 80 people altogether.

How long have you been the principal?
I began at Humpybong State School at the beginning of the 2009 school year.

What's the best thing about your school?
Every day brings a new challenge and a new solution to that challenge. I enjoy working with the students as well as the great staff here at Humpybong ... and that sea view is something else!

Claim to fame?
The name of our school amuses some people and they immediately think that we are located out in the bush! Our admissions register reveals that the Gibb brothers - of Bee Gees fame - attended Humpybong State School in the 1950s. Australian actor and author William McInnes also attended Humpybong State School. He has written a special piece for our school entitled Humpybong Days - available on our website. More recently, Queensland State of Origin rugby league star Petro Civoniceva also attended our school in his primary years.

School motto?
Pro Patra which in loose translation means 'for one's country', and is part of a line from Roman lyrical poet Horace's Odes. It is also the former motto of the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.