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Signpost - Kaimkillenbun State School

April 2010

With principal Debbie Buckley.

Kaimkillenbun State School

Kaimkillenbun State School.

Where is it?
Kaimkillenbun State School is situated on the Darling Downs about 25km north of Dalby.

When did it open?
November 1, 1909

How did it get its name?
One story goes that before Kaimkillenbun was settled by pioneering families the area was known as Gaim-Gillama, but as g's and k's were interchangeable in the Indigenous language this is the same as Kaim-Killama. Translated means this means, opened his mouth. It has not been established who or what opened his mouth, but it is known that Kaim-Killama was a bora ring where young men were initiated and "opening the mouth" may have been associated with the initiation ceremony.

The other story suggests that an Indigenous man by the name of Bill Bowen was asked to supply some place names along the new railway line. He chose Gaim killen bahn, meaning the place where the moon comes up, or so it seemed to the indigenous people living around Jimbour, an area not far from Kaimillenbun.

Kaimkillenbun is situated very close to the historic station of Cumkillenbar and is probably a variation of same word.

How many students?
Thirty-one in Prep to Year 7.

How many staff?
Two full-time teaching staff (teaching principal and teacher), two part-time teaching staff, four teacher aides, cleaner and casual groundsman.

How long have you been the principal?
Five years.

What's the best thing about your school?
Our school community's strong commitment to our school values and beliefs, our professional, caring staff, our eager, creative students and our highly supportive parents and community.

Claim to fame?
We have the distinction of being the school in the town with the longest single-word name in Queensland. Chase Through the Night, a two-hour television comedy drama starring Nicole Kidman, John Jarratt and Scott McGregor was filmed in Kaimkillenbun in 1983. Twenty locals including five children from the school were extras in this production.

School motto
Strive to succeed