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SMART CLASSROOMS - ICT empowers students with learning difficulties

April 2009

A Queensland teacher is giving children with learning difficulties more opportunities in the classroom and it's all thanks to the power of ICT.

Engaging... ICT is helping children with learning difficulties.

Blackwater State School's advisory visiting teacher Jo McCabe is changing the face of traditional lessons opting for the latest technology to enhance her students' learning experiences.

Mrs McCabe, an ICT pedagogical licence holder, said while it was hard work her job was incredibly rewarding.

'Before I get to work with them a lot of my students are really struggling, especially in the classroom,' she said.

'School can be very challenging for children with learning difficulties.

'But once we get started I notice a big change - they are a lot more engaged and take more interest in school lessons.

'ICT really improves a child's ability to process information.'

Mrs McCabe has 39 students at Bluff, Dingo, Blackwater, Woorabinda and Duaringa State Schools and Wadja Wadja High School.

She supports teachers, students and parents of children with learning difficulties.

This involves investigating everything from ergonomics to resources available for students.

'We then work together to improve the student's time at school and their learning abilities,' Mrs McCabe said.

'For children with speech problems this may mean recording a story rather than reading to them or for kids with hearing impairments, it may be a case of getting the teacher and student to wear special headpieces.'