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SMART CLASSROOMS - OnePortal enhances working life

April 2009

Working with OnePortal... School Technologies executive services officer Jess Frost.

Have you ever needed to connect with colleagues across the state and wished you had an online central space to share ideas and documents?

Or not been able to send a large email through the system because of size restrictions?

Now that the Department of Education and Training's new intranet is rolling out, all this and more can be done online and with the assistance of OnePortal, including setting up team sites.

School Technologies executive services officer Jess Frost said she used the range of functions the system offered on a regular basis.

'I use OnePortal for everything and anything that I can - it really is a one-stop shop,' Ms Frost said.

'It's a great way for people to work together, share information and collaborate on projects.

'By using the system you have the potential to save a lot of time.'

OnePortal, which will replace EdInfo, has been deployed to more than 5500 corporate users with school-based staff to be brought online within the first half of the year.

OnePortal will eventually boast more features than any intranet previously used in the department, including the ability to set-up your own team site and work remotely from home.

As work teams are granted access, all staff members can attend familiarisation sessions to enable them to learn how to use the functions.

A specific OnePortal Help Centre has a range of tutorials and information to help staff in all areas, from setting up team sites to creating announcements.

'I had the job of setting up the team site for the School Technologies branch and it wasn't very hard at all,' Ms Frost said.

'When the sites are set up, you can store important documents and work seamlessly with your colleagues on the same project - the version control means you can't save over someone else's work.'

Planning is under way to integrate networks so all DET staff will have access to OnePortal soon.

For more information on OnePortal or the progress of the deployment, visit the website.