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SMART CLASSROOMS - Logan students ready for 1-to-1 learning

May 2009

Ready to chat online ... Crestmead State School student Madison Ward with her new laptop.

At the start of the year, students at Crestmead State School watched with envy the classes in other schools that were plugging into the digital world to learn.

Now they are the ones who can boast. A class of 28 Year 5 students has received laptop computers, marking the start of their school's 1-to-1 program rollout.

Funded by a Community Renewal Grant from the Department of Housing, the Crestmead program coincides with others at neighbouring Marsden and Burrowes State Schools.

Crestmead principal Kay Louwrens said she was attracted to establishing the program because it would help students embrace 21st century ways of learning.

'There's no denying the world is digital but many of our students don't have ready access to computers,' Mrs Louwrens said.

'Now a group of them do and if things work out, more of our students will soon.'

Establishing a 1-to-1 program is complex and demanding.

Deputy principal Gwenda Terrill said a Smart Classrooms workshop on establishing 1-1 laptop programs had been a great help.

'Any school thinking about launching a 1-to-1 program should definitely consider attending the workshop,' Ms Terrill said.

The school is staging its laptop rollout to students.

This will ensure it has the infrastructure to support students and, more importantly, the time to plan for its teachers to engage in 21st century learning experiences and teaching approaches.

The teacher fronting Crestmead's 1-to-1 program is Jean Murdoch.

Mrs Murdoch, who holds an ICT Pedagogical Licence, plans to start small, introducing her students who applied to join the program to eLearning concepts one by one.

'We began our eLearning journey well before we received the laptops by learning about important issues such as Internet safety and using our school's computer lab,' she said.

'Having the laptops helps us personalise learning in ways that are not possible in a traditional classroom. Each student has their own interests so I will start different projects for each. We're so excited.'

For information on coming workshops on establishing 1-1 laptop programs go to The Learning Place website.