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SMART CLASSROOMS - Technological overhaul creates ICT leader

May 2009

Interactive ... A Parkhurst State School teacher and student solve a puzzle on a digital whiteboard.

A little more than 18 months ago, Parkhurst State School was a different place to the one it is today.

There was no computer server, a high student-to-computer ratio and the school's teachers had few ICT skills. 

Fast forward and the Rockhampton school is an ICT leader after receiving a 21st century technological overhaul which began in November 2007.

Principal Lyle Walker said the school had experienced a major paradigm shift in the way it approached and did things, and it had happened quickly.

'Every classroom now has an interactive whiteboard, a data projector, digital cameras, and we now have our own Music Innovation Centre and computers - complete with MOE,' Mr Walker said.

'It's an amazing boost to the school's infrastructure and resources.'

With emphasis on improving the skills of its teachers, Parkhurst State School has developed the motto "Tomorrow's Teaching and Technology Today".

Working together, the school team now boasts onsite Pedagogical Licence facilitators, OneSchool mentors, Digital Content crew members and several licence holders.

Regular professional learning opportunities and encouraging teachers to work together shows the school is set to continue as an ICT leader.

'One teacher has gone from ignoring computers to being a leader of professional learning for colleagues,' Mr Walker said.

'Staff have quickly experienced a confidence boost and are now competent in sharing their practices while utilising new technologies.

'In a very short time we have emerged as a 21st century learning community, engaging staff and students with productive pedagogy.

'We now have visitors entering the school gates to see ICT in action in the classroom.'

For more information visit the Smart Classrooms website.