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SMART CLASSROOMS: Digital Pedagogy Licence accreditation now more flexible

15 September 2010

A relaunch of the Digital Pedagogy Licence Online Course has made the journey of seeking a licence more rewarding and flexible.

The online course has been redeveloped to better cater to the needs of adult learners, Smart Classrooms Professional Development Framework accredited facilitator Arlene Smethurst said.

'People will engage with the new course in whichever way they feel comfortable and they will be supported along the way by their accredited facilitator,' she said.

'In terms of how and when they study the course, the choice is theirs thanks to our new flexible mode of delivery.

'We understand that teachers have very busy schedules and want to make the process of seeking licence accreditation as rewarding as possible.'

Through the online course, teachers are given an insight into how they can incorporate a range of ICT and eLearning initiatives, such as the Student ICT Expectations, into their pedagogy.

The course ensures teachers who embrace this are recognised for it and are awarded the Digital Pedagogy Licence.

Every teacher who undertakes the course is supported by an accredited facilitator. Facilitators are chosen from a pool of 252 across the state.

Coordinator of the Smart Classrooms Professional Development Framework Trish McGregor said the online course was giving teachers a more personalised learning experience.

'The new course offers a range of learning styles and flexibility. That's exactly what we do in the classroom with students,' Ms McGregor said.

'This a sustainable model and one that works -we are sure it will make the process of obtaining the Digital Pedagogy Licence easier for teachers.'