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State Recurrent Grant


This grant provides state government funds to assist eligible non-state schools in meeting recurrent costs.

Expenditure guidelines

The governing body of a non-state school may use funds provided only for teaching and general staff salaries, professional development, curriculum development and implementation, maintenance and general operations.

The governing body must provide acquittal details of the funds to the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board External Link on an annual basis. Failure to provide acquittal details is a ground for cessation of payments.

Duration of program


Policy reference

Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001
Chapter 13, Parts 1 to 4 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006


Non-state schools which have been granted eligibility for government funding by the Minister for Education for an aspect of the operation of the school under the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001.


Funding is provided to schools based on eligible enrolments counted in the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board's External Link annual School Survey Data for Non-State Schools, which includes students eligible for Preparatory Year funding.

Form of assistance

Formula-generated cash grant.

Payment details

Payment details for State Recurrent Grant

PaymentTarget date for paymentProportion of allocation paidEnrolments
19 January3/12 of estimated annual allocationFunded enrolments counted in the February Survey Data Collection of the previous year
229 May6/12 of annual allocation less January paymentFunded enrolments counted in February Survey Data Collection of the current year
319 JuneShare of residual funds for the financial yearFunded enrolments counted in February Survey Data Collection of the current year
49 July3/12 of annual allocationFunded enrolments counted in February Survey Data Collection of the current year
57 September3/12 of annual allocationFunded enrolments counted in February Survey Data Collection of the current year

Allocation of funds and recurrent rates

Each school's allocation for a school calendar year can be determined, for each of the primary and secondary sectors of the school, by multiplying funded enrolments as at the end of February by the school's per student funding rate for the particular year.

Each school's rate comprises a set base component that is common for all schools and a needs component particular to each school depending on its unique needs profile. The needs-based component is determined according to the school's School Resource Index (SRI), Commonwealth SES score, school isolation and the number of students with disability, English as a second language, from isolated areas, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and recipients of boarding fee concessions. Seventy-five per cent of needs funds are distributed using the SRI and SES score, 20% using the student needs data and 5% using the School Isolation Index.

The per student funding rates for the following calendar year are determined and advised to each school early in Term 4 each year.

Current and historical recurrent funding rates for all schools are available here: Per student funding rates Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet795K.

Recent recurrent rates - new schools

New opening non-state schools are funded in the first year of operation at the New Schools per student rates - made up of the common base component rates and the needs component rates determined for an 'average needs' school. The New Schools per student rates are:

Type of school20132014201520162017
Primary (includes preparatory)$1515$1648$1716$1756$1845

Recent recurrent rates - Special Assistance Schools

Special Assistance Schools are schools specifically established to cater for students who are disengaged from mainstream education; they do not charge tuition fees and are almost entirely dependent on Government funding to operate.

In recognition of the special nature of services they provide to the State's most vulnerable students, Special Assistance Schools receive a guaranteed minimum rate of State recurrent funding which is higher than most other non-state schools, as follows:

Type of Special Assistance School20132014201520162017
Primary (includes preparatory)$2128$2177$2215$2289$2371

Total annual recurrent payments to non-state schools are reported each year in the departmental Annual Report.


Office of Non State Education
Telephone: (07) 3513 6743

For information concerning the Commonwealth General Recurrent Grants, schools should consult the Australian Government's Department of Education website External Link.

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