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Textbook and Resource Allowance - Non-state Schools


The Textbook and Resource Allowance is designed to assist parents to offset the cost of textbooks and other learning materials associated with the education of their secondary school age children.

The Textbook and Resource Allowance Scheme applies to all eligible secondary school students enrolled before the first Friday of August in each school year.

Parental involvement

Funding for the Textbook and Resource Allowance is appropriated by Parliament as direct assistance for parents. Principals must therefore ensure that all appropriate entitlements of Textbook and Resource Allowance are passed on to parents.

As the Textbook and Resource Allowance is provided as assistance to parents, any use of the allowance by schools must have parental consent.

Student eligibility

To be eligible a student must:

The following categories of students are not eligible:


The Textbook and Resource Allowance is paid at two rates.

Rates for 2018 are:

Only one entitlement of Textbook and Resource Allowance is payable per eligible student per annum.

Part-time students receive a proportion of the full time rate.

Ungraded and Special School students will be paid according to their age at 1 January:

Calculation of payments

Payments to all schools are based upon the State Government Survey Data Collection for Non-State Schools. No claim forms are required.

No claims can be made for students who are enrolled after the annual Survey Data Collection, which is conducted on the last Friday of February.

Payment timeframes

All schools will receive the Textbook and Resource Allowance in bulk payments, regardless of whether or not a textbook hiring scheme is operated by the school.

Payment of the allowance is made to schools in two stages:

Pro rata refunds and payments

As the Textbook and Resource Allowance is a parental payment, entitlement attaches to the student rather than the school. Therefore, a pro rata refund to parents or forwarding of a pro rata payment to a student's subsequent school, are applicable to the allowance.

In order to achieve consistency among schools, pro rata refunds and payments should be made on the basis of a 40 week school year.

Students enrolled after survey data collection

A student enrolled after the Survey Data Collection date should in most cases, have received the payment or a pro rata entitlement from the student's previous school.

If a student is enrolled after the Survey Data Collection date (and before the first Friday in August), and has not been the subject of a claim under the Textbook and Resource Allowance Scheme in another school in that year, the student will be entitled to a benefit paid by the school equivalent to the student's relevant entitlement under the scheme.


Schools must maintain appropriate records relating to the Textbook and Resource Allowance scheme.

Schools must make such records available for inspection to a person nominated by the Minister for Education and Training for the purpose.

Principals must ensure that appropriate records are maintained and entitlements passed on to parents if they wish to be assured that non-state school general recurrent funding is not disrupted.


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