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Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program


The Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program (AAEP) provides assistance to support the administration of special schools.

Expenditure guidelines

Schools may use these funds to employ casual (AAEP) staff, to purchase labour on a contract basis or to purchase equipment which enhances the administrative performance of the school, such as equipment specifically used in the administrative area of the school. This is a school grant which is to be included with other school grants and reported via the Annual Report.

Duration of program


Policy reference

Future directions for school based management in Queensland state schools - Education Queensland 1998
Additional Administrative Assistance for Band 8-11 Primary Schools - Deputy Director General (Resource Services), 26 June 1997
Additional Administrative Assistance for Special Schools - A/Assistant Director-General (Resource Services), 3 October 1997
DP4/44/381 dated 4 September 1989
Memo to Regional Directors of Education dated 22/9/89
Memo to Regional Directors of Education from Director, Division of Personnel Services - Employment of Casual Admin Assistants in Schools - Policy & Procedures. 28/11/89
EMC: 94/05/15
Non-Teaching Staff Allocation Model Summary - Schools as at 1 September 2001- Director, Human Resources


School centre types

State Special School

Form of assistance

Formula-generated cash grant

Payment details

Payment details for the Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program


During month of

Proportion of allocation paid


Semester 1 Payment 1


80% of estimated Semester 1 allocation

July Census

Semester 1 Payment 2


Balance of actual Semester 1 allocation

February enrolment

Semester 2 Payment 1


80% of estimated Semester 2 allocation

February enrolment

Semester 2 Payment 2


Balance of actual Semester 2 allocation

July Census

Allocation of Funds (Special Schools only)

A formula provides a 'total allocation' of AAEP hours per week based principally on professional staff. The total allocation for each school is adjusted according to the entitlement of permanent administrative support staff at the school. The resultant figure is then used to determine a semester dollar entitlement by applying the casual hourly wage rate for administrative officers and the number of school weeks in the semester.

Special school
H = (2.6 x P) + 11

Special School Early Childhood Development Programs (ECDP)
H = (2.6 x P) + 5.6

* P = Professional staff


H = notional total hours of assistance per week

P = number of professional staff

The result of this formula calculation for Total Hours is truncated to an Integer.

When changes occur in the number of permanent public servants located at a school, a pro-rata adjustment to AAEP payment will apply from the date the change occurred.

A minimum of 5 casual hours per week applies to primary and special schools with registrars except where the school may have a converted AO2/AAEP position.

Refer to the AAEP Ready Reckoner Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet 81K.

Current rates

The AAEP hourly rate as at 1 January 2016 is $33.7858.

For calculation purposes, the school year is divided into two Semesters of 20 weeks each.

All rates reflect the payment and recovery process for school funded labour.

Data requirements

Data requirements for the Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program
Data requiredData sourceTime collected
Number of professional staffHuman Resources BranchMarch/September


Following every AAEP payment schools are strongly encouraged to check the detail shown on their current Data Advice.

Any questions regarding details on that Data Advice or staff numbers and its effect on a payment should be directed to your Regional/District office.

Other issues

Workforce Modelling
Telephone: (07) 3513 5409

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