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Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program (Special Schools)


To assist special schools with the ability to fund Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program (AAEP) AO2 support.

Duration of program


Policy reference

Queensland State Schools School Staffing Guidelines (Students with Disabilities-School Support Staff - Administrative Assistance Enhancement Program).


State Special Schools

Allocation of Funds

Special Schools are paid an appropriation equivalent to a notional entitlement of AAEP AO2 hours per week. These hours are calculated using professional staff FTE located at the host school. Calculated hours are adjusted according to the actual hours expended by permanent administrative support staff employed at the school. The residual hours are then multiplied by the hourly wage rate for administrative officers and the number of school weeks in the semester.

Calculation of notional AAEP AO2 hours for special school, and where applicable, hosted special education services, is as follows:

Special school

Semester Allocation:

H = [(2.6 x P) + 11 (truncated to an integer value) - BSM hours (result must be a minimum of 5 hours) - AO2 hours] x AAEP Rate x 20 (weeks per semester)

Special School Early Childhood Development Programs (ECDP)

Semester Allocation:

H = (2.6 x P) + 5.6 (truncated to an integer value)


*P = Professional staff

*H = notional hours of assistance per week

*BSM (converted) = 36.25 hours for 1 FTE

*AO2(AAEP) hours = AO2 (AAEP) FTE x 41.33 hours

*AAEP rate = As advised by Financial Performance


A minimum of 5 casual hours per week applies with Business Service Managers except where the school may have a converted AO2/AAEP position.

Data Requirements

DataSourceTime collected
Number of professional staffHuman Resources Branch - Workforce Planning and SupplyMarch/September
BSM (converted) hoursHuman Resources Branch - Workforce Planning and SupplyMarch/September
AO2(AAEP) FTEHuman Resources Branch - Workforce Planning and SupplyMarch/September
AAEP RateFinance BranchMarch/September

Payment Details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid
Semester 1
Payment 1
February80% of estimated Semester 1 allocation
Semester 1
Payment 2
AprilBalance of actual Semester 1 allocation
Semester 2
Payment 1
July80% of estimated Semester 2 allocation
Semester 2
Payment 2
OctoberBalance of actual Semester 2 allocation

Recoupment Process

Overpayments may occur where mid-semester adjustment calculations using current data result in an entitlement smaller than the initial payment. In those circumstances, a recoupment may be made from the school.


For staff numbers contact your Regional Human Resource Officer:

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This page was last reviewed on 16 Feb 2016

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